Report security guard for a senator killed Ashli Babbitt


Ken Matthews, a radio host from Harrisburg, who is filling in for Rush Limbaugh, said at about 1:10 Friday that the man who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt was not a cop. He was a black security guard for one of the senators.

If you look at this clip below, the overzealous shooter does appear to be a black security guard. If true, that means everyone has been lying to us. It’s a massive cover-up.

The media is still reporting that the shooter was a Capitol Hill officer.

People are putting in FOIAs to get to the truth. Was this a guard for a Democrat senator? Just curious.




  1. The empty room must have been important. Maybe the sacred copy of Das Kapital or the Communist Manifesto are in there?
    The CPUSA comrade hired him to keep those precious relics safe for the good of the collective.
    Could she have been egged on by infiltrator provocateurs hoping for this tragic outcome?

  2. Wow. It’s just another coverup of a major crime by the senate, capital police and the DOJ.

    We’d love to know which senator. Why would a senator have a guard in the capital?

    There will be no charges.

  3. Watch the video closely and you’ll see the shooter appears to move his arm away just before he shoots. I saw this in slow motion and he definitely moved his arm away. A question was also raised about the amount of blood on the wall versus the amount you would expect from somebody shot in the neck. I’m not saying she wasn’t shot and killed by the security guard but the video sure raises questions. I don’t know what to believe anymore nor do I trust anybody from the government. President Reagan’s 10 scariest words are very prophetic, “I am from the government and I’m here to help.”

    • Another question to ask; Why did some of the Officers there have stickers of red n white on their pistol barrels andbl others didnt? Look at the pictures.

      Its a standard practice over-seas, but not in the States.

  4. A firearm was discharged from the ‘secure’ side of a glass barrier, resulting in a death. Stop the presses: what is the protocol for a discharged firearm? And it’s not like more then one shot was fired. Everyone knows who did it. Everyone on the glass side of the barrier, that is.

    So who has jurisdiction? Are procedures being followed? This isn’t like trying to solve the Brinks job.

  5. I saw a twitter posting of the shooter. He is JAMAICAN. I saw two pictures of him. He was wearing shirts mocking conservatives and Trump. Someone working at the Capitol knew who this guy was. They knew his social media accounts to get those photos. Not more than a couple minutes after retweeting it, the account was banned by Twitter. Otherwise I would have screen shot it. I have not been able to find it anywhere since. No one knew anything about this guy. Everyone said he was a cop. But this twitter post knew exactly who he was.

  6. Where is the investigation, legal, public Protocol? Ashli Babbitt was, a USA CITZEN, MILITARY VETERN, WHITE FEMALE, WHO was UnArmed!!!! Someone knows something …. WHERE IS the inquest? Where is her JUSTICE???

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