Report that Biden is losing his allies in law enforcement


As riots and looters rampage through our cities, Joe Biden is putting the onus on police, blaming them for the violence. His attitude has hurt him with his law enforcement supporters.

Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, has focused on police reform and oversight issues, creating the perception that he isn’t in solidarity with the police, who have been targeted in the violence that has erupted during some of the protests, Politico reported.

“Clearly, he’s made a lot of changes the way candidates do during the primary process, but he kept moving left and fell off the deep end,” Bill Johnson, executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, the umbrella organization for Police Benevolent Association chapters, told Politico.

Biden in a speech Tuesday in Philadelphia called for nationwide police reform, a bill to outlaw chokeholds and urged police departments across the country to begin immediate reviews to weed out bad cops [witch hunt].

The 2020 hopeful went on to describe Floyd’s murder as “a wake-up call for our nation. For all of us” with only the mildest of rebukes for the violent radicals.

In contrast, President Trump has touted a “law and order” approach to deal with the protests and has proposed invoking an 1807 law that would allow him to deploy the US military to quell the violence.

Police supporters are saying Biden has moved too far to the left.

The self-described union-friendly Democrat prided himself as one with the rank-and-file cops. However, he is calling for national policing reforms that put him in line with the radicals, not law enforcement.

Many who would have supported him are frustrated by his political posturing. They no longer see him as an ally, Politico reports.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air points out His realignment with their critics puts their support at risk, most likely in the swing states Biden needs to carry.”

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