Report: US ordering reporters on planes to Doha to cover up failures


US military police are allegedly banning a German crisis reporter and ten other international journalists from leaving the Kabul airport, although they have safe transport and are leaving at their own risk. After the military consulted with the State Department, they were ordered to board a plane to Doha.

The Deputy Editor-in-Chief of BILD, Germany’s largest magazine, is at Kabul airport and is reporting on blatant attacks on freedom of the press by the U.S. military.

He said, the U.S. government apparently fears critical press and witnesses.

Biden is trying to shut down the European press to cover up his failures, according to reports.

However, there are serious threats to the safety of people at the airport. The Australian Foreign Ministry issued a security alert at Kabul Airport. There is a “very high threat of terrorist attack. Do not travel to Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport. If you’re in the area of the airport, move to a safe location and await further advice.”

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