Report videos, dossier of Hunter’s ties to CCP sent to Pelosi & DOJ weeks ago


It is alleged that three hard disk drives of videos and a dossier of Hunter Biden’s connections with the Chinese Communist Party were sent to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Department of Justice. Himalaya Global reported this weeks ago, on September 28th.

Jack Posobiec said there is more than one Hunter business associate who will come forward.

Himalaya Global is the same company that publicized Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s contention that China created the virus in a lab — deliberately.

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Cargo Cult Airplane
Cargo Cult Airplane
3 years ago

Nan is looking a bit frazzled lately. Maybe a hair salon appointment is in order.
The comrades and liberated free riders are wondering where the relief checks are.
If we are all socialists now (h/t/-Newsweek) then you better keep the cargo cult items flowing like a fountain esteemed party member comrade Kommissarina San Fran Nan.