Reporter talks about ballots taken away from Trump, others given to Biden


John Solomon was asked on OAN about a batch of spoiled ballots in a Fulton County sub-sample where they had names removed, and of those that were ‘unspoiled’ and counted anyway, how many resulted in votes that were taken away from Trump.

Solomon says that out of the 1,300 ballots, a few hundred were taken away from Trump in Fulton County.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Solomon has no idea how many ballots were taken away, he is just a gossiper.

Lindell’s first 2 specials covered several aspects of the fraud, he provided a much better picture of what went on than Solomon. Lindell provided detailed figures of potential fraud, what do I care about a few hundred Solomon talks about so he can get his face on TV?

Historic Chewing Gum Czar
Historic Chewing Gum Czar
2 years ago

OAN was on the local cable before the chord cutting and it is missed.
Look for the CPUSA to ban them or silence the signal as part of the Long March Great Reset Leap Forward.
Google is purging pages already as CEO comrade Pajeet has ordered it.