Loudoun County board changes rules to silence anti-CRT parents


A group of around 40 Loudoun County, Virginia, residents organized and held their own meeting to protest the local school board over rule changes that would eliminate a public viewing area and limit speaking time before the public panel.

The group gathered in one parent’s backyard Sunday to hold the school board-style assembly in lieu of the official Loudoun County School Board meeting. The Loudon residents made speeches directed toward the school board and other community members and voiced opposition against the school system’s positions.

“We will not be silenced,” Jessica Mendez, a Loudoun County mother of two elementary students, told Fox News.

“The school board has made rules for speaking publicly at their meeting that are almost impossible to have a chance to get any reasonable communication with them,” Geary Higgins, a former school board member who has had children and grandchildren go through the LCPS system, told Fox News.

A Loudoun County High School AP government teacher, Monica Gill, said in a speech: “I stand against [Loudon County Public Schools’] equity policy and initiative because they are critical race theory in disguise.”

We posted a video by the parents who planned to discuss the issue at the board meeting but were clearly unable to speak freely after the rule changes.

Why would anyone support Critical Race Theory? It teaches hatred and racism towards whites and tells blacks they can’t achieve because of whites.

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