Reporter to Sue for Hale’s Manifesto – Law Firms Backed Out


Journalist Glenn Greenwald is looking for a law firm to sue the FBI and the Nashville Police Department for access to the manifesto of Audrey Hale, the transgender shooter who killed six people at The Covenant School last month, including three children. Nashville law firms are backing out.

Greenwald tweeted that he had been in discussions with two law firms in the city, and then they backed out for unknown reasons.

“We’ve spoken with 2 major law firms in Nashville who said they’d send retainer letters to represent us suing FBI and the Nashville PD to obtain the manifesto of the Nashville shooter, only to back out at the last second,” he tweeted.

“The political pressures are intense,” Greenwald guessed. “We should see it.”

Audrey Hale was a transgender, angry about attending the Covenant religious school.

Nashville police chief John Drake confirmed that Hale identified “as transgender” shortly after the rampage and told reporters she left behind maps of the school and a “manifesto” indicating there may have been other targets.

We’ve been told it’s too “dangerous” to release to the public. Dangerous to whom?

The FBI said it’s a “danger to the public.” Right.

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