Reporter writes of her ‘torment’ after ‘Trumpites’ shovel her driveway


The Los Angeles Times published an op-ed on Friday addressing the struggle of a progressive reporter to “resist demands for unity” from Trumpites and their “aggressive niceness.”

In the face of acts of “aggressive niceness” by friendly Trump-supporting neighbors, the progressive female compares them to terror organizations who “offer protection and hospitality.”

You see, what they did was shovel her driveway for no reason. Maybe they shoveled her driveway because they are “polite” Nazis, she suggests.

The essay, penned by journalist Virginia Hefferman and titled — What can you do about the Trumpites next door? —  seeks to present the author’s dilemma in dealing with “Trumpite” neighbors who plowed her driveway without being asked “and did a great job.”

Seriously, that’s her dilemma.

This is from a member of the party of love, tolerance, and diversity.

Heffernan’s piece is certainly a scary peek into the mind of a twisted leftist discussing the neighbors — “Trumpites.”

‘Trumpites?’ Nice.

She seems to think they have an ulterior motive like hiding terrorist ambitions under the guise of niceness.

They’re not ‘Q’ and they don’t think Trump won, but that’s not good enough. How is she going to resist demands for unity in the face of them shoveling her driveway?

She’s actually “tormented” by it.

About the shoveling, she says, “Of course, on some level, I realize I owe them thanks — and, man, it really looks like the guy back-dragged the driveway like a pro — but how much thanks?”

They’re “staunch partisans,” she almost shouts from the page.

She blathered about whites giving things to each other for free, but so does Hezbollah [the terror group that has killed more Americans than any other terror group], she adds. The kindly Trumpites are doing it in order to win her devotion for their brutal cause, she suggests.

Then she mentioned Farrakhan comparing the Trumpite neighbors’ approach to his. He does favors and then expects allegiance.

Some French couple she knew talked about the polite Nazis. And, of course, the polite Nazis also remind her of her Trumpite neighbors.

All these people did to have this vile article written about them was shovel her driveway!

After claiming AOC [the liar] spoke eloquently about the terror of 1-6 and the riot in the Capitol, she said, “My neighbors supported a man who showed near-murderous contempt for the majority of Americans. They kept him in business with their support.. .But the plowing.”

Her conclusion is to not give her neighbors “absolution,” she says, acknowledging they probably don’t want it.

Why go on. The woman is typical of the far-left — irrational and illogical. She thinks she’s right and anyone who disagrees is a Nazi.

As for the shoveling, after reading her piece, those Trumpite neighbors should let her handle her own driveway. To a leftist, doing something nice must have some deep, nefarious meaning. That’s how they are so they assume it’s how everyone thinks.


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