Reporter’s deeply troubling warning: destruction of the USA is deliberate


Jake Bequette and Lara Logan joined Judge Jeanine on her Saturday night show. Ms. Logan gave a deeply troubling report. Lara Logan doesn’t know how we stand by while Afghan women are beaten and some murdered, with the Taliban disappearing 11, 12, 13-year-old boys.

We gave victory to al Qaeda and can’t wait to give them humanitarian aid. The Biden administration gave victory to al Qaeda.

We could still do something about the equipment we left behind, but don’t, Lara said. Everything we are doing is deliberate, she continued.

The US is breaking the law by negotiating with and supporting terrorists. Not only are they doing nothing about what was left behind, but they also plan to give even more technology to the Taliban, she said.

On Fox News, while hosting Tucker’s show last night, she said the Taliban are getting advanced US technology in the form of highly advanced Air Force, security, and laser systems currently in Uzbekistan.

It’s all deliberate. Jake Bequette agrees completely with her and said the Biden administration — the radical left — is purposely weakening America.




  1. “We Communists gained control of the Youth in Russia before we were able to wage a successful Communist Revolution in Russia, and Comrades, we must gain control of the Youth in the United States if we are to wage a successful Communist Revolution in that nation.
    For this purpose, we are ordering our Comrades to set up a new Communist Youth group in the United States.”

    Joseph Stalin

    “…scientific and atheistic propaganda is an integral part of the Communist education of the working people, and has as its aim the dissemination of scientific, materialist knowledge among the masses and liberation of believers from the influence of religious prejudices.”

    Declaration of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, CCCP.

    “In order to ensure to citizens freedom, of conscience, the church in the U.S.S.R. is separated from the state, and the school from the church.”

    Article 124, Constituion of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

  2. It is NOT the Taliban that is purposely weakening America….just go back over the last four/five administrations (excluding Trump’s ) and connect the dots…Geo. W. rescinded the Warren Act (Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff et al voted unanimously in favour of same)…Clinton and Blair were responsible, due to their criminal actions, in the formation of the 1st muslim state in Europe since the fall of the Ottoman Empire,,,Obama/Clinton armed, aided and abetted ISIS…whose primary role apparently was to weed out the ‘infidels’ from the surge of millions of refugees that were directed to Europe and the tens of thousands that were strategically ‘resettled’ across North America…apparently your home grown ‘misanthropes’ have gathered under the banner of the Demoncrapicshariachicomrinos and are going all out to ‘sink’ the Republic…

  3. I wish we could get beyond a debate over the deliberateness of the deliberate destruction of the USA. Events are too singular for it to be otherwise. No decent nation does this to itself. Events are based on incredible corruption.

    I wish we could also stop blaming Biden for this. He is merely an incredibly corrupt, always incapable, senile man whose goal was power to suit his unhealthy ego. He is only a tool. The cause is DC. Nothing changes if Biden leaves.

    • He’s the symbol and the figurehead who allows the people accountable to destroy us with no accountability whatsoever. It’s the perfect storm.

  4. Lara Logan and other Patriots must identify the enemy. It is the CCP and their Davos allies in league with the entire Demorat Party. The ChiCom agents masquerading as Demorats are doing exactly what their ChiCom masters have instructed them to do. Even Trump doesn’t get it. It’s not craziness. It’s not naivete, It’s not even wokeness, whatever that means. Let’s face the facts. Trump was removed from office by a well planned and executed scheme organized and financed by the ChiComs and their Davos allies. The ChiCom agents masquerading as Demorats are doing exactly what their ChiCom masters have instructed them to do. Our nation and government and military are in the grip of an organized criminal syndicate called the Democratic Party which has seized control of our government through a massive, well executed and doggedly defended electoral fraud and are doing exactly what their ChiCom masters have ordered to destroy not just our nation but the entire fabric of western civilization. The civil war iscoming and we must identify opur enemies whether that be a Muslim terorist or a former president who delares Trump supporters to be domestic enemies. These people and their fellow travellers are pure evil and must be exterminated to the last man and woman. If you have a Democratic neighbor, friend,relative, associate you must recognize they are part of this criminal syndicate and they are your enemy who knowingly and willingly will destroy you, your family and your civilization. There is no turning back, the die has been cast. We either destroy, annihilate m and vanquish the traitors in our midst or die ourselves.

  5. It’s obvious that the Traitor Joe Regime is destroying America on purpose. There are hundreds of Traitors in the Beltway who deserve prosecution for Treason and a date with the Gallows. But, it doesn’t stop there. The Billionaires who funded the coup need to be brought to justice too. We might need a few Drone strike to accomplish that, but I’d rather see them stripped of their wealth and live out their lives on the poor farm.

  6. It’s impossible to believe that every one of those who’re carrying out the delusionally-dopy Gropey-Zhou’s diktats is as dumb as he is and it’s therefore also logical to conclude that both his junta and its politburo are run:– must be run;– by high-IQ psychopaths.

    Until one has another look at them all. And begins to doubt oneself about the hi-IQ part.

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