Reporter’s deeply troubling warning: destruction of the USA is deliberate


Jake Bequette and Lara Logan joined Judge Jeanine on her Saturday night show. Ms. Logan gave a deeply troubling report. Lara Logan doesn’t know how we stand by while Afghan women are beaten and some murdered, with the Taliban disappearing 11, 12, 13-year-old boys.

We gave victory to al Qaeda and can’t wait to give them humanitarian aid. The Biden administration gave victory to al Qaeda.

We could still do something about the equipment we left behind, but don’t, Lara said. Everything we are doing is deliberate, she continued.

The US is breaking the law by negotiating with and supporting terrorists. Not only are they doing nothing about what was left behind, but they also plan to give even more technology to the Taliban, she said.

On Fox News, while hosting Tucker’s show last night, she said the Taliban are getting advanced US technology in the form of highly advanced Air Force, security, and laser systems currently in Uzbekistan.

It’s all deliberate. Jake Bequette agrees completely with her and said the Biden administration — the radical left — is purposely weakening America.


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