Representative tells Southwest Air to “Eat It!” as flights are canceled


Good call by Southwest to cancel flights out of Columbus, Ohio due to weather. As someone who just flew outta there I would never want anyone to suffer through the same 70 degree temperature with zero wind or rain that we faced. Thankful today for the bravery our pilots showed.

~ Jimmy Failla, host of Fox Across America

Over the weekend and today, Southwest Airlines had to shut down thousands of flights because of a slowdown. The airline blamed the weather but to believe that you would have to believe the weather only affected one airline.

These corporations going along with Biden’s unnecessary vaccine mandates are taking our freedoms away.

Chip Roy has just about had it with the fascists and their corporate allies.

Rep. Roy is hopeful that the staff are rebelling, and thinks they should payback all those bailouts they’ve gotten.

“Actually – let’s make SouthwestAir & others trampling the rights of their employees to healthcare privacy to pay back their previous bailout.”

He also told them to “Eat it!” Y

Sounds like a great idea. Let’s hope Republicans get the opportunity to do that. If they do have the opportunity, will they take it?

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