More details of COV-19 possibly appearing months before CCP report


As we reported last week, the Chinese Communists ordered a significantly higher number of PCR test kits in July 2019. The PCR test is used to research DNA, genes, and coronaviruses. This was allegedly before the pandemic.

The purchasing of equipment increased by 50% from the year before, according to a report by the Australian of the findings of the Australia-based cybersecurity company Internet 2.0.

The buy up began in July. The increase began in May and continued until December.

“Some of this may be benign but taken together it gives us a trend that comprehensively challenges the official narrative that the pandemic started in December,” Potter added. “It also shows there’s a significant amount of procurement from the government level, the PLA and the Centre for Disease Control, as well as sensitive laboratories that are in the Hubei province.”

The Australian reports:

Former director of US National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said the buy-up of PCR equipment in Wuhan in 2019 was significant. “I think there’s more than just smoke here, I think there’s fire from a whole bunch of different sources,” he said. “I think that would be another compelling piece of evidence if you need more. I don’t need more.”

Also interesting is that a CCP scientist filed a patent for a COV vaccine in February 2020.

If you will remember, in early June 2020, there were satellite images of increased activity in Wuhan hospital parking lots.

Using techniques similar to those employed by intelligence agencies, the research team behind the study analyzed commercial satellite imagery and “observed a dramatic increase in hospital traffic outside five major Wuhan hospitals beginning late summer and early fall 2019,” according to Dr. John Brownstein, the Harvard Medical professor who led the research.

That makes a lot more sense than the virus appearing in December. Viruses don’t just suddenly appear. The CCP kept it secret for months if true. Not only that, they wouldn’t let their people travel within the country but they allowed them to travel the world.

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