President honors football players who carried thin blue & red flags


While Biden rests in his basement and occasionally addresses a half dozen people, President Trump is flying all over the country. It’s exhausting trying to follow him. He was in Ohio three days ago and brought the two high school football players from the Little Miami Football team up on stage. They are the two young men who carried the thin blue line and thin red line flags onto the football field during pre-game activities on 9/11.

They were honoring their parents as well. One boy’s father is a police officer and the other boy’s father is a firefighter. The Superintendent of the school suspended them from the team indefinitely claiming incorrectly that they were defying orders.

The Superintendent wrote a blistering condemnation which he has since taken down. The community wholly rejected the Superintendent’s actions and he had to reinstate the boys. Since then, they were honored with scholarships at a big rally. Now, the President honored them.

Do you think that Superintendent can find a hole deep enough to hide in?

Trump introduced the two students, cornerback Brady Williams and linebacker Jared Bentley, by talking about the need to support police officers, according to a C-SPAN video of the Monday rally.

“We have to give them back their dignity,” Trump said of law enforcement. “We have to let them do their job.”

The president said the two high school football players were “good looking kids.”

“They became more famous than President Trump,” said the president. “They were beautiful, I watched them running through the crowds with those flags.”


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