Anti-Semitic rage mobs in out of control NYC


Parts of New York City are a disaster. It’s not safe. Currently, there are renegade mobs of pro-Palestinians roaming the streets, throwing firebombs, beating up Jews. This week, they ‘demonstrated’ in Times Square and the Diamond district where Jews were rallying or working.

This was Thursday:

Again on Thursday, a pro-Palestine mob threw a water bottle at a diner and his wife. When the man threw it back, the ‘protesters’ spat at him and tried to attack.

This was Times Square Thursday. They eventually had to declare the pro-Palestine group unlawfully assembling and there were arrests.

Jewish man attacked:

A brawl started after Palestinian children were encouraged to steal Israeli flags:

Another brawl. The pro-Palestine rally formed to counter the pro-Israel rally in Times Square:

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