Residents, Truckers Stranded for Days Because All Workers Weren’t Forced-Vaxxed


In the middle of a snow emergency, the state turned down assistance from Kittitas County to clear the roads because it didn’t have a vaccine mandate for plow drivers sitting alone in their cabs.

A Washington State County was not allowed to help WSDOT clear snow due to the country not mandating vaccines for their employees.

According to the county, “On the dates of January 5th and 6th, 2022, Kittitas County received significant snowfall. This snow event resulted in the closure of Interstate 90 and HWY 97 for three days causing freight deliveries to be delayed, travel across the State of Washington impossible, and access to services significantly impacted.”

On October 18, 2021, due to a mandate from Democrat Governor Jay Inslee, Washington state fired or forced resignations of all unvaccinated employees from state agencies which resulted in hundreds of workers being released from WSDOT.

As a result, they couldn’t clear the roads. Despite an agreement to help, Kittitas County was not allowed unless they forced every employee to get vaxxed. So, for four days, key highways were shut down.

Trucks were stuck for miles but ideology is all that counts. More than 30,000 trucks pass over the roads that were closed for four days. Some roads are still closed. Residents were stranded without supplies.

Such is the communistic ideology.

The Washington Transportation Secretary Roger Millar is just so proud of the work they’re doing. WSDOT admitted they wouldn’t accept the help because they didn’t follow the [arbitrary] mandate. WSDOT hired a private company in the end. It’s not known if they were vaccinated.



  1. The “Dirty Jobs” people who make America work have already figured out how to bring the out of control Federal Government and Blue States to their knees. Don’t get the “Jonestown Kool-Aid Shot” and just let Big Blue America come to a stand still. Red America is far more self sufficient. What is a minor inconvenience to people in Red States is in many cases deadly for Big Blue Liberal Cities. Conservatives will win this Culture War by simply sitting on the side lines until the Liberals literally start eating their own to survive. Conservatives don’t need Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers.

  2. Did ya hear about the glorious Washington State having quick strike “detainment” squads for the un not-a-vax untermenschen scum?
    Shouldn’t they change their name since they are communist and petition the CCP to be a rump or vassal state of their fellow travelers?

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