Residents want to recall Newsom so he announces a Cali Roars Back plan


To keep from being recalled, Governor Newsom announced that he has a $75.7 billion surplus. He will spread the money around to win support with his new California Roars Back plan. It’s freebies for everyone and he is spending like a drunken sailor.

He’s giving at least $600 to middle-class families, and he’s giving drought relief to farmers.

He plans the largest statewide renter assistance program in the U.S.  There will be billions to help pay utilities. The embattled California governor will provide $5.2 billion for renters to cover their back-rent and their rent for several months into the future. Another $2 billion will help pay overdue water and utility bills.

And he’s expanding childcare supports across the state and adding 100,000 child care slots — the largest expansion of its kind — and investing millions more for child care providers.

So, where did the money come from? It might have come from the federal taxpayer. Newsom was expected to get $150 billion in so-called coronavirus relief.

Newsom needs to give it back to the federal taxpayer. The money is being used improperly and he still has the state in lockdown. There is a word for this — corruption! But this is what socialism looks like. It’s real pretty until the entire economy crashes.

This big giveaway will make it more difficult to recall him. People are getting money and they might overlook all that’s wrong with his governorship.

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