Resolution Declares J6 Committee Illegitimate, Rescinds Subpoenas


The five-page resolution to rescind the subpoenas on Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon and declare the J6 committee illegitimate.

The claims:
  • The right to issue subpoenas was not proper.
  • Some documents were not preserved as required.
  • The panel promoted theories without verifying the allegations with actual first-hand witnesses.
  • It was partisan from the beginning, and the final report was tainted by the partisan decisions of Nancy Pelosi.
  • The committee presented uncorroborated evidence to fit its narrative, disgrace Donald Trump, and influence future elections.
  • They withheld information proving Donald Trump did not engage in an insurrection.
  • The imprisonment of Peter Navarro and the impending imprisonment of Steve Bannon represents an unprecedented attempt to silence and marginalize political opponents.

Thomas Massie said, “This does not need Senate approval. The original subpoenas were issued unilaterally from the House so that the House could rescind them unilaterally.”

Will Speaker Johnson act and act quickly?

The sponsors are:

@RepAndyBiggsAZ, @RepThomasMassie, @RepChipRoy, @RepOgles, @Rep_Clyde, @RepGosar, @RepBobGood, @RepHarshbarger, @RepBoebert, @RepBrecheen, @RepClayHiggins,n @RepMaryMiller, @RepBarryMoore, @RepLuna, @RepEliCrane, @RepMTG, @RepJimBanks, @RepCloudTX, @RepDanBishop, @RepScottPerry, @RepRosendale, @RepMattGaetz, @Rep_Davidson, and @Lancegooden.

Attorney Robert Gouveia discusses the legalities:

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