Response to dangerous airhead AOC demanding zero emissions now


In the clip below, Jonathan Lesser, a fellow at The Manhattan Institute, president of Continental Economics, addresses the hysteria from people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, [an airhead, who says the U.S. will end in eight years and if we set the extreme role model she wants, others will follow. She also thinks racism caused climate issues. The communista has no facts behind a thing she claims.]

The country is cleaner than it ever was and we have the most stringent regulations in the world, says Lesser. To say the world is going to end in eight years is panic porn.

Yes, the climate is changing, he agrees, and mankind probably affects it.

The only reliable option is nuclear power, he asserts. Wind and solar end in blackouts.

As for fracking, which Democrats plan to kill, is the reason our emissions have gone down. So, they are cutting off their nose to spite their face.

Lesser says that if the U.S. destroys its economy and everyone will jump off the same cliff is nonsense. Some environmentalists are very opposed but it is truly clean energy.

Mr. Lesser thinks these changes are all about money. The money for wind and solar will all go to European countries and that is why they are lobbying for all this in the United States.

We don’t need to up-end our economy. [It’s not just an up-end. It would turn over our energy, housing, education, and most industries to hard-left Democrats.]




  1. I can’t count the times i’ve heard “the world/U.S. is going to end in X years, one way to cut emissions by 2/3rds is to duct tape AOC’S mouth !!!!!! I am more worried about dumb a$$ voters electing stupid sh*tS like AOC and a bunch of others then i am about climate change/ global warming or what ever the next panic crisis will be !!!!!

  2. One thing AOC is right about is the economy of the United States will come to an end in less than 8 years if we don’t remove Democrats completely from Government soon. The Democrat campaign slogan should be, “Democrats, Trying to make America Poor Forever – because we really are Morons.” If Democrats really want a even Cleaner America then invest in Nuclear Fusion Research instead of Chinese Solar Panels. AOC is way to stupid to understand energy or anything else for that matter. AOC is little more than a spoiled teenager who constantly throws a temper tantrum. What she she is a good spanking and being sent to her room. But then then maturity of almost every Democrat in Congress has progressed beyond their teenage years. Notice that Democrats don’t debate issues like an adult, they throw a fit, lie about the facts, then resort to violence like a bunch of little children. America rejected the Communist Democrat Cult, so they did the equivalent of stealing their parents credit card and are now on a shopping spree that will do nothing but leave huge financial mess to clean up.

  3. I get tired of reading what this so called educated moron spews from her Marxist mouth. Just ignore this nonsense.

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