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After all that they have hit Donald Trump with, are you a betting man or woman?

Elon Musk responded on X regarding the Trump verdict in communist Manhattan.

Indeed, great damage was done today to the public’s faith in the American legal system.

If a former President can be criminally convicted over such a trivial matter – motivated by politics rather than justice – then anyone is at risk of a similar fate.

James Woods wrote on X.

The Democrats overplayed their hand on this one. Had the jury been given clear instructions and returned a guilty verdict on a few counts, it would have been more authentic. This was simply ridiculous.

Geiger Capital:

The first felony conviction of a former US President wasn’t for the Iraq or Afghanistan wars, illegal CIA coups, drone striking weddings, or spying on Americans…

It was because Trump misclassified a $130,000 payment for a porn star’s NDA.

Tells you everything you need to know.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem posted on X.

“Massively conflicted Biden donor and Liberal judge + stacked jury with unconstitutional jury instructions + radical leftist prosecutor = wrongful conviction.

“President Trump did nothing wrong, and even the liberal media knows it.

“The judge violated Trump’s constitutional rights and did everything in his power to get this outcome despite the clear evidence Trump was innocent.

“No doubt Trump will be easily vindicated soon as the case will obviously be overturned on appeal.”

Senator John Thune posted on Facebook.

“I’ve been on a flight but just landed and saw the news. This case was politically motivated from the beginning, and today’s verdict does nothing to absolve the partisan nature of this prosecution. Regardless of the outcome, more and more Americans are realizing that we cannot survive four more years of Joe Biden. With President Trump in the White House and a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate, we can finally end the disastrous Biden-Schumer agenda that’s crushing American families and businesses.”

Erick Erickson dislikes Donald Trump but sent this out in his newsletter.

Erickson believes he cheated on his wife with Stormy and wonders why he hired Michael Cohen in the first place. But none of those things are crimes, he said. Then he got to the crux of it:

The crime is a documentary fraud that had its statute of limitations extended by tying it to a larger crime. Even after the verdict yesterday, Alvin Bragg tied it again to the 2016 election. But those federal election crimes are not prosecutable by the several states and I continue to believe a federal court will not allow the state to use a federal campaign finance violation as a way to extend a state statute of limitations.

Fourth, this DA and the Attorney General of New York campaigned on prosecuting Donald Trump. They did not target a random person. They were fulfilling campaign promises to prosecute a political opponent. That this does not bother people on the left sets a precedent they will regret. That both chose to pursue him for fraud for which no one was defrauded is a bridge too far for me.

I continue to think he should not have been found guilty, but I do not necessarily fault the jury. The judge and prosecution aligned the case exactly as they wanted and steered the jury there. But it was also pretty improbable that Trump would get a jury in Manhattan that favored him.

There are places in America where you cannot get a fair trial. And, given this story of the present New York City District Attorney, had Trump been a black Democrat there’d have been no prosecution. It is now time for the appellate process to take up the case.

One of the things that really gets me with all of this is the continued self-righteousness of the Democrats on this. They refuse to see the Rubicon they have taken the country across and they really do believe the ends justify the means. They want to stop Donald Trump at any cost and they care nothing for justice if justice requires fairness to Trump. The consequences of this are going to be deeply destructive long term, but they will justify it, defend it, and excuse everything right up until the moment someone from the right reciprocates all because they believe he got what he deserves.

I think they might have just helped Trump because of that. A significant portion of the country already thought this case was a matter of lawfare. Trump has a particular grievance that a Democrat judge and Democrat DA in a Democrat city would never give him a fair trial.

A lot of partisans of the right will now seek to delegitimize the entire constitutional system just as the left is doing. Some were already trying. It will pick up steam. Both sides have decided that the country is post-constitutional and might makes right.

The left will not yet appreciate what they have done and will never accept responsibility for what is coming. But a partisan side that has spent the better part of May trying to delegitimize a Supreme Court they do not control really cannot expect the right to honor the institutions the left controls.

The left will not yet appreciate what they have done and will never accept responsibility for what is coming. But a partisan side that has spent the better part of May trying to delegitimize a Supreme Court they do not control really cannot expect the right to honor the institutions the left controls.

If your view of America, the American judicial system, or our constitutional system is dramatically revised because of twelve jurors and a court in one of the most progressive cities in America, your view of America is too small. If you think this will not upset the American system, your imagination is too limited.

Those of you so moved can donate to Donald Trump’s campaign here.

He also noted that both candidates are old and the VP is important. Erickson advocates for Tim Scott as Vice President because Americans like him, and Americans would rather get herpes than Kamala.

Maze wrote:

Trump lost billions of dollars by getting involved in politics and then after winning, he donated his Presidential salary every single year.

Now a politician who got filthy rich while in office is putting him in jail.

Everything is backwards. It has to stop.

Mike Lee to Larry Hogan:

Sean Davis of The Federalist:

There is zero reason to allow red state funds like university endowments or pension funds to be invested in any entities within the state of New York right now. It is a lawless hellhole that will bankrupt and imprison its enemies for sport. Risking client assets in that kind of environment is a reckless disregard of fiduciary duty and opens up fund managers to massive liability via stakeholder class action lawsuits.

Some of the losers like Dan Crenshaw, Mitch, and Lindseay are criticizing the verdict after doing nothing.

Do it:

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