RFK Jr. Said He’ll Put Americans First


RFK Jr is likely too left-wing for me, but he’s superior to Joe Biden in every imaginable way. He posted his official video announcement. One has to wonder if he’ll have enough security to survive a presidential run given his family’s history. RFK Jr. said he wants Republicans, Democrats, and Independents to support him because they’re Americans First. He was referring to the homeless situation.

RFK Jr better be careful. It sounds like Donald Trump’s much-ridiculed America First foreign policy. The left-wing media said it was an old Nazi slogan, suggesting he was Hitler for wanting America First.

Donald Trump’s slogan in 2020 was “Keep America Great,” and “America First,” and now it appears to be “Save America” or “America First.” It’s not “Make America Great and Glorious Again,” MAGAAGA, as the media claimed. However, every candidate should be putting America First.

America First

I can’t vote for RFK Jr. His stance on several issues is too far left for me, but people should know what he says.

This is RFK’s official video announcement:

Ron Paul likes his honesty:

His stance on war:

This is why I couldn’t vote for him. He’s blaming Donald Trump for the lockdowns instead of governors, Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden. Donald Trump said he couldn’t lock down the nation legally. RFK Jr. wants our guns; I think he’s extreme on climate change.

He said he doesn’t support climate extremism, but we’ll have to see. He is a climate change activist. Will he do something about unelected bureaucrats in agencies deciding things like gas cars are finished?

He knows how to campaign:

Joe Biden securing the nomination would tell me that the people behind the scenes are laughing at us. We know by now that they seek our destruction.

Biden may not know what is going on, who can say, but the elites behind the curtain had to know the sanctions would ultimately cause other nations to circumvent them by using different currencies. They had to know that weaponizing SWIFT would turn the world off. Remember that Barack Obama said we’re not exceptional and must be like everyone else?

The globalists want the power that the US had.

RFK Jr. is very charming, but make sure his agenda is what you want. The agenda is what is important, not the person.

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