Mn Sets Up a Trans-Refuge and Radicalized School Curricula


Storming State Capitols is becoming very popular. It needs to stop. People are storming the Minnesota State Capitol this week over the ‘Trans Refuge” bill. Under the radar are bills transforming K-12 education into a radical, racialized agenda.

The bill makes permanent their refuge status for any minor who wants to use puberty blockers or mutilate their body. The euphemistic name for it is “gender-affirming care.” The Left won’t leave the children alone.

According to InForum, Gov. Tim Walz signed an executive order on March 8 protecting access to gender-affirming care. The Minnesota House of Representatives passed HF 146, known as the trans refuge bill, on March 24. That bill — if advanced by the Senate and approved by Walz — would protect trans youth and their parents/guardians from out-of-state laws restricting gender-affirming care, such as blocking arrest warrants and subpoenas from states that ban those treatments.

It’s not about protecting. Parents could lose their rights for not going along with the radical treatments and medications.

Among Republican arguments is the proposal undermines parental rights, Rep. Peggy Scott (R-Andover), at a separate pre-session briefing. “It allows children, regardless of age, to seek and receive radical medical treatments … all without their parents’ guidance and love.”



Katherine Kersten at Alpha News brought up another problem in Minnesota that is not being discussed. A series of bills will radically alter instruction in every public school. It subordinates academic basics to the far-left race and social justice activism.

“Critical Social Justice” ideology (CSJ) — the vehicle for manipulating our young people into adopting this worldview — is laced strategically through a variety of bills, including “ethnic studies” (HF 1502), “Teachers of Color” (HF 320) and now the House and Senate omnibus education bills (HF 2497/SF 2684).

The bills corrupt the children with “reductive, racialized thinking.” They also take away localized control and turn the power over to “the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) and the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) broad” with new powers.

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