RFK Talks About the Rigged System


As President, I will end the forever wars, clean up government, restore the middle class, and tell Americans the truth.

~ RFK Jr.

“President Biden could put to rest any concerns about his fitness for office by engaging me in a vigorous, issues-oriented debate. Let’s end the speculation and let the voters see for themselves,” Kennedy posted on X. “Quote tweet #BidenDebateKennedy if you agree.”

Most people would like to see that debate, but the DNC said no debates, and we know why. We all know why. He can’t resolve any concerns about his fitness for office because he’s unfit.

I’m not pushing a Democrat, but RFK deserves to be heard, and he is censored.

Robert Kennedy is a throwback to a better time for the Democrat Party, and his own party demonizes and silences him. The only networks that have him on are Republican.

RFK explains that BRICS is a threat because we weaponized the US dollar.

In this clip, he talks about the “rigged system,” even giving Oliver Anthony a plug for his song, “Rich men north of Richmond.”

“The whole system is rigged against you. And those corporations [BlackRock, State Street & Vanguard], because of government collusion with these ‘Rich Men North of Richmond,’ have their boots on the neck of every American,” he declared.

“And all these guys [politicians] can talk about is what China is going to do to us and Russia and make up these bogeymen to keep the military-industrial complex in the cash. But what about what’s really happening in this country [is that] the wealth is being stolen by corporations with the cooperation of these government agencies. And we need to start actually talking about the real issue, and it’s not happening.”

If the media weren’t so corrupt, they’d give RFK time to speak, but even when they gave him a few interviews, they included voiceovers or jumped in with fact-checks to negate everything he said. They distorted the truth or left key information out to make him look like a fanatic.

We are living in very dangerous times.

“CNN and MSNBC have become openly partisan and very, very much aligned with the DNC. They share the same sort of anger at my candidacy, and … they will do stories about me, but they won’t allow me to talk directly to their audience.”

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