Ric Grenell Warns Biden Is Letting Terrorists Into the USA


Former Acting Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, was on Newsmax this afternoon to discuss the horror in Israel, which led into a conversation about our borders. He explained that Biden has already let terrorists remain in the United States.

“Well, first of all, let’s be clear for our viewers who aren’t seeing some of these videos,” Grenell began. “They are horrific. This is a group of terrorists who have gone door to door in Israel, grabbing people, shooting them and throwing them on the ground, taking US prisoners and young men back to Gaza. This is horrific … this is an unbelievable situation, Genell said.

He does not believe the administration didn’t see this coming.

“Let me also be clear that I don’t buy that our raw intelligence didn’t see some of this coming. Jake Sullivan, the White House national security adviser, was on a panel just two weeks ago claiming that the Middle East is all at peace. What was actually going on was the planning of an assault.

He addressed the Biden administration’s claim that the $6 billion the US was to release had nothing to do with the attack because it wasn’t doled out yet. He said that Iran knew for months they would get that money, and they paid for necessities on credit, knowing they could eventually pay the bill. It left them with plenty of money for weapons.

Hamas no longer had to pay for food and medicine, and they were free to “plan an attack on Israel and the White House. Joe Biden’s White House had no idea about this?” Grenell added.

[We also know that the chief of the largest militant Hamas group in Gaza thanked Iran for all the weapons, tanks, and missiles. They’re laughing at us.]

The Newsmax anchor and Grenell talked about all the work done under Donald Trump, moving the embassy, the Abraham Accords, and Saudi Arabia and Israel were talking about restarting talks. We now have Hamas and Hezbollah, Syria, and Lebanon getting involved.

There are hostages, some are American, and Hamas is calling for Lebanon to get involved. The Taliban wants to get US weapons and other equipment abandoned in Afghanistan to Gaza.

Grenell said, “I’m very nervous that our border is open, and we know for a fact, the media is not reporting this, but we know for a fact that several individuals who are on the terrorist watch list have made it through the southern border of the United States. The Biden administration is literally ignoring all of these individuals and allowing them to stay here and say something crazy like, ‘Oh, we’re trying to be nice,’ or we want people seeking asylum to have fair life. Well, who doesn’t? But we have rules. You don’t get to cut the line like this, and you certainly don’t need to look the other way when we have terrorists on the terrorist watch list coming into the United States.

“This could be a sleeper cell. We could see terrorism in the United States simply because they came through the southern border and are just lying in wait.

“That is outrageous, and let me finish with one other point.

“Right now, the Democrats are playing politics in Washington DC by pretending that the acting Speaker, Congressman McHenry, is somehow not able to receive intelligence briefings because he’s not the real Speaker of the House.

They might not let him participate in the gang of eight which is simply a tradition that could easily be changed by the Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haynes. The gang of eighth gets briefed on the intelligence. The Israel situation is so serious, and they won’t let the Republican Speaker be briefed.

He also said on Newsmax this afternoon that it’s only a matter of time before Biden takes in all these Palestinian migrants. Palestinians voted for Hamas to take control of Gaza. They are all a risk.


Let’s to forget the US-Mexico border is the deadliest migration land route in the world. We also have cartels flooding the border and controlling it. Cartels are terrorists.

Dozens of Americans were captured in Israel, and reportedly some were killed.

via The Liberty Daily

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