Rich Columbia Gal Who “Killed” Two in VT Car Crash Enjoys More White Privilege


A rich 20-year-old girl who skipped prison time for a deadly 2020 crash that killed a Vermont couple was among 114 anti-Israel agitators arrested at Columbia University last week – enraging the victims’ families.

One of the protesters is Isabel Jennifer Seward. She was 16 when she allegedly drove over the double yellow lines and plowed into Chet and Connie Hawkins, 73 and 72. Police reports allege she made no effort to avoid the crash.

“She has no remorse; she received no punishment. She’s just prancing around Columbia with her Ivy League privilege,” the couple’s 49-year-old niece, Eve Taylor, told the Post Sunday. “After basically getting away with murder, she’s now promoting murder, with no understanding of what she’s promoting.”

According to Taylor, Seward’s father is UPS executive Bill Seward, who claimed her father’s big money got her out of criminal charges. The Sewards could not immediately be reached for comment.

“She should be behind bars,” Taylor told the paper.

The Rutland Herald, a Vermont newspaper, reported in January 2021 that Seward received only a $220 fine as punishment for the deadly collision, even though she allegedly gave police conflicting information and may have been texting before impact. Another driver recorded the crash on video.

That pathetic “fine” comes down to $110 for each life Seward took.  So she continues merrily along, causing chaos and threatening the safety of innocents because her particular form of “white privilege” is hailed by the evil, radical left.

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