Ricin suspect was a “solution finder” — used the hashtag ‘killTrump’


The ricin story is ignored by the media.

Ricin is a deadly poison and it was sent to President Trump in a letter but intercepted before it got to his desk. A woman is being held in connection to this crime.

Mission Police Department
Pascale Ferrier


Pascale Ferrier is a 53-year-old Canadian woman who was arrested in connection with a letter containing ricin that was sent to President Donald Trump last week, CBC reported.

Authorities said additional, connected letters might have been sent to law enforcement in Texas. The New York Times reported that the connected ricin letters were sent to a detention facility and a sheriff’s office in Texas.

She was arrested when she tried to cross into the United States from Canada near Buffalo, New York, according to the CBC.

She is held in New York but charges have not yet been filed. Her first appearance before the court will be on Tuesday.

At the time of her arrest, she was carrying a gun, CNN reported. Customs and Border Patrol took her into custody.

A search for the culprit began in St. Hubert, Quebec where the letter was mailed. It was Ferrier’s last known address.

Pascale Ferrier had previously been living in Texas when she was deported to Canada last year. She was arrested in Mission, Texas in March 2019 for carrying an unlicensed weapon, a fake driver’s license, and resisting arrest, The New York Times reported.

Her arrest record from 2019 shows that she was arrested by the Mission Police Department on March 12, 2019, and released on May 18, 2019. KRGV confirmed the arrest, noting that the Hidalgo County District Attorney’s Office had filed a motion to dismiss the charges based on her serving for 20 days in jail. She was jailed for more than two months before she was released.

Officials learned that she had a six-month visa that she had overstayed and her arrest had violated the terms of her passport. She was deported back to Canada, The New York Times reported.


Heavy appears to have found her social media accounts in which she hopes someone will kill Trump.

They also found what looks like her LinkedIn page. She appears to be a software configuration manager who worked for Pratt & Whitney in Canada. She has also worked, it seems, as an independent web developer, and several other companies.

In her bio, she wrote: I’m a solution finder. Whatever your problem, there is always a solution. If it exists, I will find it. Otherwise, I will create it.

Sounds like she thought she found the solution to President Trump.

Vice reported that several of her previous employers were defense contractors, including an aerospace company called Thales.

Others have sent ricin to the President, but you won’t hear about it in the media.



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