Rick Wilson: They…Have to “Put a Bullet” in Donald Trump


About that hate speech and “talk” Joe Biden wants “to stop,” would Rick Wilson’s comments from September count? He just said they’ll have to “put a bullet” in President Trump, and “that’s a fact.”


Rick Wilson is one of the pedo-enabling Lincoln Project founders who still pretends he’s a conservative.

However, someone who supports far-left causes and values or takes money from the far-left cannot call himself a conservative or Republican. He’s a tawdry opportunist who serves a purpose for Marxist Democrats during elections.

Wilson makes a lot of money spewing hate on cable and social media. Since September, he has wanted to put a bullet in Donald Trump.

David Limbaugh, Rush’s brother, wrote recently, “Isn’t it interesting that these former Republican Never Trumpers, whose alleged beef with us is that we abandoned true conservatism, are now full-throated fellow travelers with cultural and economic Marxist Democrats who are on a monomaniacal mission to destroy this country?”

How can people abandon conservatism for Marxism while complaining that Donald Trump is not a conservative? It’s far beyond hating Trump. They are people with no core values and go where the profit is. What they believe in is themselves.

Hypocrites like Wilson are dangerous and greedy. Wilson literally trashes 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump daily. This is someone who shouldn’t have a gun if he thinks it’s okay to put a bullet in someone he doesn’t like.

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