Eminent Virologist Censored for Concerns About Vaccines & Excess Mortality


Dr. Theo Schetters of The Netherlands is pro-vaccine and has some patents, but he has concerns about mRNA, especially given the short testing period. His background is impressive and impeccable in the fields of immunology and vaccinology. Dr. Schetters doesn’t see the need for a mass vaccination program. He is concerned about using mRNA technology in other vaccines in the near future.

Dr. Robert Malone took part in an interview in The Netherlands with the renowned vaccinologist.  You can read about the meeting and watch the interviews here.

He told Dr. Malone that no one wants to talk about the safety of the vaccines, and some people have had “terrible” side effects.

The mRNA technology will soon be used for most vaccines – Monkeypox, influenza, etc. and the technology isn’t “mature enough.”

Dr. Schetters said people have died from the vaccine, even children.

The mRNA also travels through your body, and we don’t know what it does to your organs. We know the vaccines cause coagulation problems and myocarditis, but other side effects are taking place.

The renowned Virologist wrote a troublesome message to Dr. Malone this past week. His website and a TV channel are now under strict censorship.

In the Netherlands, the autumn vaccination campaign started in week 37 of 2022 (triangles). As scheduled, the elderly (>80 years old) and subjects that belong to the high-risk population were the first to receive the vaccinations (mRNA corona vaccines).

Immediately after the campaign’s onset, there was a rise in mortality (red line).  This temporal relationship between vaccination and increase in mortality appeared similar to that found earlier during the spring vaccination campaign that was started in week 9 earlier this year (blue line).

Although the data lack sufficient detail to firmly establish causality, these results call for immediate suspension of the vaccinations. Detailed investigation into the cause of increased mortality is paramount.

A presentation that explains which data were used, where they can be found, and how they were analyzed can be found here.

As you can see, excess mortality rises with the rise in vaccinations.

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