RINOs Agree with Democrats on Electoral Count Act


America Last RINOs in the Senate are working with Democrats, who are now far-left, and far-left non-profits tied to Democrats to change The Electoral Count Act.

NBC News reports that the senators agreed “on a series of provisions to reform the Electoral Count Act.” It allegedly clarifies the role of the vice president and Congress in confirming the winner of a presidential election in the wake of Jan. 6.

The working group is finalizing legislation and expects to release text as early as next week.”

“We’re very close. We’ve got a few technical issues that we need to iron out,” Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) said. She’s “very hopeful that we’ll have a bill early next week — or bills.” “That’s one of the issues that we’re deciding: whether it’s better to introduce more than one bill or one bill.”

It is alarming in that far-left Democrat groups tied to Soros seem to back it.

According to the activist group Protect Democracy, reforming the Electoral Count Act would change how votes are cast for the president and vice president.

“The Electoral Count Act (ECA) governs the process of casting and counting Electoral College votes for president and vice president,” Protect Democracy notes. ” The statute sets the timeline for states to appoint presidential electors in November and for electors to cast their votes in December, and describes the process that Congress should follow when it counts the states’ electoral votes in January.”

We’ll see what it looks like next week. However, Protect Democracy is bad news for America. The fact that they are involved is not good.

They are litigious leftist agitators who formed into a powerful organization to fight Donald Trump and the America First agenda. They are tied to Soros funding and anti-Republican audit efforts.

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