Riots were clearly pre-planned domestic terrorism by the radical left


Last night’s riots in Dallas, Atlanta, and elsewhere were pre-planned by radical leftist organizations. Organizers were directing the crowd where to go. They had pallets of 100 bricks ready for rioters at strategic locations, and were yelling to the crowd “go left, there are 100 bricks on the corner over there”

This wasn’t random chaos, and it’s not grassroots.

As Attorney General Bill Barr said yesterday, the agitators are “far-left” and the violence appears to be planned.

“In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized, and driven by left extremist groups, using Antifa-like tactics, many of whom travel from outside the state to promote the violence.”

We posted this next clip twice but it deserves posting again and again:

It’s obviously a setup, and it’s political.

Some black leaders in Atlanta are speaking out

The black community in Minnesota is speaking out:

Little do they know these leftists care little about them. They are ideologues and all they care about is their ideology. The really sad thing is President Trump is the first president to come along in a long time who really has helped black Americans.

Angela Stanton King is running for office in Atlanta and trying to bring white and black together:

The Antifa were in Oakland and elsewhere. They are domestic terrorists and could have been stopped years ago. Stop them now!


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2 years ago

If the Democrats want to burn and loot, We can respond by shooting them at sight.

2 years ago

If you only knew the irony of your own name

marty lopez
2 years ago

You refuse to post my comment. You keep saying a duplicate comment but it is never posted. Why is my comment not permitted to be posted/

marty lopez
2 years ago

These riots in Minneapolis, Atlanta & New York aren’t about racial discontent, or any injustice. They are the direct result of outside, paid, political agitators & trouble makers stirring up a class of dysfunctional, quasi, street criminals & urban rabble who have no stake in our society. Tucker Carlson described it quite succinctly & forcefully last night.

The inability of our political leaders to recognize the true nature of these riots, along with the refusal of the media to report it in a less salacious manner allows this left wing, opportunist juggernaut of Democratic Party chaos to continue reoccurring with the slightest of provocations. Professional Democrats see nothing, but advantage to be exploited. Soros funded “Social justice” organizations such as “Black Lives Matter” & “Antifa” are funding & coordinating the trouble makers. Republicans knowing full well how they will be portrayed by a left leaning media are forced to play along making concessions. Police chiefs beholding to Democratic Administrations betray the citizenry as well as their own rank & file.

George Floyd was under the influence & in possession of counterfeit money when brought to the attention of the authorities. A physically big man, it was his resistance that forced police to apply physical restraint, which is always a challenge. The coroner concluded he didn’t die of strangulation, or asphyxiation, but of underlying health problems no doubt acerbated & brought on by his struggle with the police. That was the direct result of his own refusal, or inability to submit to police authority, which appears to be something of a recurrent theme with certain individuals belonging to a sub culture within the black community.

Unfortunately, that widely promoted stereotype, is inaccurate & prejudicial. It belies the reality of a much larger, main stream, black community. It does them, their achievements & contributions a huge disservice, which shouldn’t be allowed to continue unchallenged. As a matter of better governance, which the long suffering, American people so sorely deserve, effective, competent leadership in the Democrat Party’s control of big cities continues to be found wanting.

2 years ago

Police don’t prosecute. The decision to prosecute is made by the office of the District Attorney, an elected position. The DA’s office will typically only choose to prosecute case they think they can win which generally depends on the evidence gathered and provided by the police. They have other sources for evidence but their decisions are often political ones.