Riots were clearly pre-planned domestic terrorism by the radical left


Last night’s riots in Dallas, Atlanta, and elsewhere were pre-planned by radical leftist organizations. Organizers were directing the crowd where to go. They had pallets of 100 bricks ready for rioters at strategic locations, and were yelling to the crowd “go left, there are 100 bricks on the corner over there”

This wasn’t random chaos, and it’s not grassroots.

As Attorney General Bill Barr said yesterday, the agitators are “far-left” and the violence appears to be planned.

“In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized, and driven by left extremist groups, using Antifa-like tactics, many of whom travel from outside the state to promote the violence.”

We posted this next clip twice but it deserves posting again and again:

It’s obviously a setup, and it’s political.

Some black leaders in Atlanta are speaking out

The black community in Minnesota is speaking out:

Little do they know these leftists care little about them. They are ideologues and all they care about is their ideology. The really sad thing is President Trump is the first president to come along in a long time who really has helped black Americans.

Angela Stanton King is running for office in Atlanta and trying to bring white and black together:

The Antifa were in Oakland and elsewhere. They are domestic terrorists and could have been stopped years ago. Stop them now!




  1. Follow the money.
    The bricks didn’t appear out of thin air.
    They were ordered, payed for (or donated by) someone, delivered (via someone who owns or rented) by a truck (offloaded by forklift?).
    Follow the money that made “protest” bricks magically appear.
    Then chop off the hand that held that wallet.

      • My pick also, as Soros Paid for the Ferguson and other city rioting w/BLM thugs/agitators, as he wanted ‘Rioting/Chaos to start a Race War to Divide America….seems he’s at it AGAIN. I’ve written to Barr to say we NEED to have someone investigate Soros, who had Obama as his Puppet, and did his bidding. Obama told the rioters: “STAY THE COURSE”…This, as they burned businesses, looted, attacked police and rioted in other cities-for the Terrorists they ARE!

        in 2017 Soros at “The World’s Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland ‘VOWED TO TAKE DOWN PRES. TRUMP IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE- ONE OF HIS IDEAS MENTIONED INCLUDED:
        *Trump’s #1 Accomplishment-our American Economy! NO COINCIDENCE, there is NO such thing…..I want this so b. to be Investigated for trying to Undermine this President and America.(it’s NOT his First time either)

  2. Trump sent the national guard and fighting on each level the evil Democrats that want to rip America apart.
    Dividing is just another way that the Democrats are implementing.
    What are the Democrat leaders like mayors or governors doing in those states?!
    We might wake up one day and hold George Soros et Co. responsible for being behind Black Life Matters.

  3. The police have still not prosecuted everyone involved with the Tuttle MURDERS ,where are the protests? Oh wait,white lives don’t matter

  4. People should think through and see that under the impression that a so called “philanthropist ” like George Soros he is the one hiding the money for the rich in financial heavens like Panama(see Quantum Funds) and then we, the taxpayers are left with nothing.
    These people than get involved in donations for organizations like Black Life Matters but their goal is to indoctrinate and spew hatred between blacks and whites.
    Just STOP this deep state Demicratic masquarade and act as one unity because there’s no differences between the blacks and whites or whatever other ethnic groups, we should all love each other.
    Gates is no exception and holds the same responsibility like George Soros.

  5. Dropping off a large load of bricks prior to street activity in a business district….HUMMMMM….with the large number of street cameras common in any metro center, it is captured on someones business camera.

  6. Yes this looting, arson, beating people is not about George Floyd anymore, its a virus that has been spreading across our nation for years and rapidly picking up steam now, we have had Mayors and Governors threaten law abiding people with arrest for going to church or a park with this covid 19 lockdown but hide under their desks when these punks come out and burn buildings down, loot, attack business owners and police, the BS media claims its all about poor race relations, yeah whatever I am sick of the race card, I hope things cool down, if not though there is a vaccine for this strain of virus that’s been around for hundreds of years and proven to flatten the curve when used, its called lead poisoning and it doesn’t need FDA approval, I hope it don’t come to that but with UE at 40 million plus and the division of this country growing thanks to the lying left media and dems we shall see !!!!!!!!

  7. And you can lay odds that the feckless piece of human feces clown Obumbler and George Soros have their finger in the terrorist pie.

  8. @ Gypo,

    Living in a Red State that has been that way since the 1800s and last month absentee ballots were sent to everyone living in Capitol City County.
    Yes, Capitol City is occupied CPUSA territory but their agents are spreading to local boards and councils and there are Karens just waiting to issue editcts in every neighborhood.

    • that isn’t surprising The Dallas Police Department has always had problems And those in charge are to worried about PC BS to do their Job. Not to Mention that any good officers can go 25 to 50 miles away and make almost $20,000 more a Year. With a lot less Danger and A way lower living Cost.

  9. The present protests over the death of a small time black criminal at the hands of police is designed to obscure the elephant in the room that is willfully being ignored, namely the issue of black crime. Mr. Floyd belongs to that small 2% minority that commits the vast majority of violent crimes and murder in our society. It is inevitable that the men we hire to protect society from that violent group will necessarily include some who are crossing the line and react to these thugs in the same violent manner and should be dealt by our justice system just like black criminals. However, to see the predator (or in Mrs. Clinton’s words “superpredator”) group complain and use this one instance as a pretense to commit wholesale violent acts of murder, assault, robbery and looting against the peaceful rest of society should be a wakeup call for everybody interested in keeping the peace. Until the black community gets the criminality rate of their male youths down to the levels of the rest of society, society has every right and even the obligation to be wary and proactive against them. Those who use this one incident to divert attention from the real issue have an ulterior motive which in itself is not in the best interest of society.

  10. So what you’re saying is, while Trump and his boomers foolishly believe he can lure blacks into voting for the interests of this nation with the promise of work and jobs, the actual truth is blacks are a lazy, thieving, violent paramilitary asset that the left can activate to wreak havoc and destruction through their media assets and a few field operatives, any time they want.
    So what would the word be for a people who allow an easily-identifiable paramilitary group who continually announces their hatred for those people and continually rise up in violence and rebellion when prompted, and are otherwise responsible for 56% of the violent crime in that nation while only being 12.5% of the population? Is there a strong enough name to convey the cowardice, weakness, and self-destructive stupidity of those people?

  11. These anarchists are the enemies of all freedom loving patriotic americans and therefore traitors, who should swiftly held to justice and execution!!! We all know the demonrats and leftists are trying to force us into a civil war – swift execution of these scum would be notice to them to stop their BS!!!

  12. Police don’t prosecute. The decision to prosecute is made by the office of the District Attorney, an elected position. The DA’s office will typically only choose to prosecute case they think they can win which generally depends on the evidence gathered and provided by the police. They have other sources for evidence but their decisions are often political ones.

  13. These riots in Minneapolis, Atlanta & New York aren’t about racial discontent, or any injustice. They are the direct result of outside, paid, political agitators & trouble makers stirring up a class of dysfunctional, quasi, street criminals & urban rabble who have no stake in our society. Tucker Carlson described it quite succinctly & forcefully last night.

    The inability of our political leaders to recognize the true nature of these riots, along with the refusal of the media to report it in a less salacious manner allows this left wing, opportunist juggernaut of Democratic Party chaos to continue reoccurring with the slightest of provocations. Professional Democrats see nothing, but advantage to be exploited. Soros funded “Social justice” organizations such as “Black Lives Matter” & “Antifa” are funding & coordinating the trouble makers. Republicans knowing full well how they will be portrayed by a left leaning media are forced to play along making concessions. Police chiefs beholding to Democratic Administrations betray the citizenry as well as their own rank & file.

    George Floyd was under the influence & in possession of counterfeit money when brought to the attention of the authorities. A physically big man, it was his resistance that forced police to apply physical restraint, which is always a challenge. The coroner concluded he didn’t die of strangulation, or asphyxiation, but of underlying health problems no doubt acerbated & brought on by his struggle with the police. That was the direct result of his own refusal, or inability to submit to police authority, which appears to be something of a recurrent theme with certain individuals belonging to a sub culture within the black community.

    Unfortunately, that widely promoted stereotype, is inaccurate & prejudicial. It belies the reality of a much larger, main stream, black community. It does them, their achievements & contributions a huge disservice, which shouldn’t be allowed to continue unchallenged. As a matter of better governance, which the long suffering, American people so sorely deserve, effective, competent leadership in the Democrat Party’s control of big cities continues to be found wanting.

    • I see all your comments. No one would refuse to post. The commenting system is slow. Did you post more than I see here? There is nothing in spam and trash.

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