RIP Hong Kong! China signals a total take over of Hong Kong


According to The Washington Post, “China’s ruling Communist Party gave its clearest signal yet that it plans to bring Hong Kong under its full control, with a top official saying Thursday that Beijing wants to “improve” the system that has allowed the territory to enjoy a level of autonomy for the past 23 years.”

This is terrible news. Will our Congress do something besides try to impeach Trump?

China is proposing to introduce a new security law in Hong Kong that could ban sedition, secession, and treason.

The way China defines that, they won’t be able to dissent, speak out, or do anything the ruling Communist Chinese Party says they can’t do.

Hong Kong’s mini-constitution requires it to bring in such a law but it failed to do so amid widespread opposition.

The so-called Basic Law was introduced when the UK handed back Hong Kong’s sovereignty to China in 1997 and provides certain freedoms not available on the mainland.

China’s National People’s Congress will debate it soon but there is only one school of thought in China — the Chinese Communist Party leadership’s.

The pro-democracy groups will likely protest.

When China completes its promised takeover, they will go for Taiwan, and then the world. That’s opinion, based on their actions to date. They are fist-bumping in the South China Sea and now claiming Kazakhstan should be part of China. Something is going on in the hierarchy that isn’t good.

A spokesman for the NPC said on Thursday that China was planning to improve on the “one country, two systems” policy that Hong Kong has observed.

Zhang Yesui said: “National security is the bedrock underpinning the stability of the country. Safeguarding national security serves the fundamental interest of all Chinese, our Hong Kong compatriots included.”

They have the power and always did, but the timing now is great for them. Hong Kong is suffering from the virus. Like the totalitarians in this country, they are exploiting the virus.

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