RNC chair explains what Dems were doing as the Wuhan Virus crisis Unfolded


Democrats constantly lie about everything the President says, especially as it concerns Wuhan Virus. They constantly claim he actually called it a hoax when he said the Democrat politicization of it was a hoax. Democrats falsely state he cut the CDC funds, which is not true. He recommended cuts as part of the negotiations, but the Congress ended up adding money to their budget. Muzzling scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci was another lie that Dr. Fauci repeatedly debunked.

As negotiations for a package to help people affected by the virus go on, Democrat media is painting Nancy Pelosi as a heroine and Republicans as obstructionists. Meanwhile, Pelosi tried to sneak in an endless billion-dollar stream of funding for abortion outside of the Hyde Amendment.

In a series of tweets, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel explained what Democrats were doing while the virus ‘crisis’ was fulminating. Donald Trump Jr. retweeted this excellent series of tweets.

As the crisis unfolded in January, Democrats were focused on impeachment. By the end of January, Democrats were calling the President’s “overreaction” ‘xenophobic’ and ‘racist.’

In February, Democrats demanded new investigations and more information from AG Barr.

In March, Democrats were looking for ways to punish officials who defied subpoenas.

We would like to add that as this went on, the President was working on coronavirus. Democrats said in January that the President was overreacting, by early March they said that the President was underreacting. Now, they say he’s overreacting.




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