RNC Lets CNN Control GOP Presidential Primary Debates – Not Satire


The RNC, a minority division of the Uniparty, has scheduled – via Ronna McDaniel – the Iowa and New Hampshire Republican primary debates, but they will be under the control of fake news CNN.

This is real.

CNN  will host two Republican presidential primary debates next month in Iowa and New Hampshire – states that hold the first contests in the race for the 2024 GOP nomination, the network announced Thursday.

Donald Trump was wise to bow out. Vivek uses the debates to expose all of them, and Ron DeSantis tries in vain to have his voice heard. Chris Christie spends his time lying about Donald Trump. Haley and Christie blather mindlessly about sending our children to war in Ukraine when they can’t even name three provinces in Ukraine.

Americans don’t have a party. Democrats who are not far-left don’t have a party. Republicans who abide by Republican principles don’t have a party.

You’ve probably heard about the NDAA deal. Speaker Johnson made a deal with Chuck Schumer to extend the NDAA section 702 until April 2025.

The 702 is continually abused and used against any American they choose to use it against.

As Sen. Lee said, it allows ‘warrantless backdoor searches of Americans for several more months, if not forever.  They are throwing the 4th Amendment out the window.

The NDAA benefits foreign countries but not Americans. The GOP got nothing as usual. Trans craziness, travel abortion, $300 million for Ukraine, and a clean FISA extension through April are all in the bill.

Republicans don’t seem to realize or care that we are at the end of the fight. The hardcore leftists are playing hardball while Republicans cave. We are losing our country.

Speaker Johnson put it this way:

Wokeness is still in the bill. A community note explains: The final NDAA agreed upon by the House and Senate does not ban “drag shows” or “gender-affirming care.” Those provisions initially appeared in the House-passed NDAA, but after negotiations with the Senate, some House Republicans agreed to drop those provisions. https://thehill.com/policy/defense/4348169-amendments-blocking-funding-drag-shows-gender-affirming-care-dropped-ndaa/amp/ https://armedservices.house.gov/sites/republicans.armedservices.house.gov/files/FY24%20NDAA%20Conference%20Report%20-%20%20FINAL.pdf

Democrats Are Not Slowed Down

Democrat leftists are walking all over us. We expel Santos, a sure-fire vote for Republicanism, but keep Bowman, a communist? He was censured today and treated like a hero by the left. They shook his hand, congratulated him, and he’s still in Congress. Republicans didn’t even want to censure him.

Republicans sure can expel someone when they want, but where are they when Schiff is lying? It’s no wonder the Left keeps doing it.

FBI Director Wray gave yet another disgraceful performance during the latest congressional hearing. He dealt with the Hunter laptop by lying. He had to be sure before he said anything.

However, 51 former and current intel agents were allowed to say it was Russian disinformation. The FBI also went to social media companies and warned them that Russian disinformation might come out.

The government is censoring Americans every which way from Sunday, and the GOP is not a presence.

The Democrats are the most anti-American party in history, and they are destroying us. The media-government-corporation censorship machine is illegal.

Kristen Clarke pretended she knew nothing about the landmark free speech Missouri v. Biden case, and she got away with it.

Republicans give, and Democrats take. Who will defend our way of life? Not many.

Our security is gone with our open borders.

Republicans, where are you? What are your values outside of expelling Santos? Maybe he deserved it. I don’t care. You aren’t taking on the important issues.


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