Unvetted People, Many from Africa, As Far As the Eye Could See


We are on the path to have 3.7 million unvetted illegal crossers in a year, and the numbers are increasing daily.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, said that “in the last 24 hours alone, Border Patrol has made more than 10,000 apprehensions of illegal immigrants. That does not even include CBP ports of entry.” …

“You can see these guys are coming in from all over the world. A lot of African men, mostly single adult men, here. ..

A “CBP source is telling me in the last 24 hours in this … Arizona sector there were almost 2900 apprehensions and the Border Patrol facilities out here are currently running 200% of their capacity. That is why there are so many people out here, waiting to be taken into custody by Border Patrol.”

“Now Arizona has a Democrat governor. Her name is Katie Hobbs. She has not yet sent any state resources down here – no Arizona troopers, no Arizona National Guard. That’s unlike what we’ve seen in the state of Texas with Governor Greg Abbott.

All Katie Hobbs has done is call for the federal government to give her more resources and demand immigration reform, which translates into amnesty for all these people so they can vote Democrat. We don’t need reform. We need them to follow the laws that we have.

“As people continue pouring into the country, so too are narcotics. … a couple hours away from us, CBP officers at the port of entry are stopping a car and finding over 1,000,000 fentanyl pills hidden in that smuggler’s vehicle. Thankfully, they were able to seize that.

In the clip below, Melugin shows images of illegal immigrants pushing through a breach in the border wall that was cut open by smugglers right in front of Border Patrol.

As Melugin was standing there, a human smuggler looked at the camera, gave a shrug, and saluted.

“GOP presidential candidate Florida Governor DeSantis reacted to that video. He posted a tweet that says in part, ‘The cartels are laughing at us now, but they won’t be when I’m commander in chief. Any cartel operative caught cutting through the border wall will be left stone-cold dead…’”

There aren’t jobs for these people, so they will be, at best, burdens and, at worst, criminals.

Independent militia in Arizona?

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