Roberts’ court will allow a six-day mail ballot extension in NC


The Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected an effort by the Trump campaign and Republicans to reverse a six-day mail ballot due to date extension in North Carolina, The Hill reported.

The ruling was a major blow for Trump. The race in North Carolina is tight. It’s hard to believe that Americans in North Carolina or anywhere will vote for China Joe, but they will. And the six days will open mail-in voting to more potential fraud.

The court’s three most conservative justices — Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch — supported the request. Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who joined the court Tuesday, did not participate in the case.

At this point, Justice Roberts is now a leftist and is on the side of activism.

In a dissent, Gorsuch, joined by Alito, said the relaxed limits reflected an unlawful encroachment by North Carolina’s Board of Elections into the legislature’s election management. The due date extension, Gorsuch said, represented an “override [of] a carefully tailored legislative response to COVID.”

“Such last-minute changes by largely unaccountable bodies, too, invite confusion, risk altering election outcomes, and in the process threatens voter confidence in the results,” Gorsuch wrote.

This is exactly what happened in California when Democrats stole all the seats in Republican Orange County. They found ballots in car trunks and closets with no chain of custody. Judges found those ballots acceptable.

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