Rogan Rips Gates: “Obese…Man Boobs and a Gut…Toothpick Arms”


Joe Rogan slammed Bill Gates and wondered if Gates gets paid for giving out health advice. Rogan said, “And by the way, you look like shit. If you’re eating those plant-based burgers or whatever the F– you’re doing, like, you’re obese, a guy like that, telling people, he’s got these brass boobs (Rogan cupped his hands under his breasts and motioned up and down), this gut, this is crazy..”

He noted that Gates is “one of the richest guys on earth” and could get the best healthcare. He shouldn’t look like that. Rogan said it’s “like a non-athlete giving health advice to professional athletes.”

He is giving out public health advice and he is “sick”. Rogan wants to know how he’s giving out health advice when he “looks like that.”

Continuing, he said, Gates’ “health is piss poor” and he is walking around with “man boobs and a gut, and you’re walking around you have these like toothpick arms, hey buddy, you’re not healthy.”


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Free Choice
Free Choice
2 years ago

What does he expect from an OSS computer geek depopulation son of a Margaret Sanger style geneticist?
Hard to exercise when you are camped out in front of computer.
You can be a blob or you can be a reasonable BMI.
You can live free or you can live as hiveborg unity collectivist.