RNC Chair: Justice Nominee’s “Dangerously out-of-touch…Record”


Biden’s top priority is paying back the liberal [communist] Arabella Advisors dark money network that spent over one billion dollars to help elect him and Senate Democrats, writes Carrie Severino in an op-ed at Fox News.

She continued, “These Arabella-advised groups seek nothing less than the appointment of politicians in robes who will rubber-stamp their left-wing political agendas from the bench.”

Unfortunately, that’s what the entire Democrat Party wants now. They don’t like the Constitution.

If you don’t know about Arabella, you need to since they are dangerous leftists. I will post something later about them.

Jackson, sister-in-law to liberal Paul Ryan’s progressive wife, loves abortion but is not concerned about free speech, wants loosey-goosey crime laws, especially for minorities, and defends GITMO terrorists.


Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel described Ketanji Jackson Brown as “beloved by far-left special interest groups.” She said she has a dangerously out-of-touch legal record.”

“Brown would be a disastrous Supreme Court justice with no interest in protecting our constitutional rights and liberties. Biden has selected a rubber-stamp in his quest to radically remake the America we know and love,” she wrote in a piece for The Daily Caller.

NBC News reported that Jackson ‘fits well [with] the progressive movement’s agenda.’

Demand Justice commies love her.


She is far left.

In 2018, Jackson blocked President Trump’s executive orders to hold government employees accountable for poor performance and negligence, as we reported. And she made her rulings — as an unelected Bureaucrat — for the entire country. Ketanji Jackson made herself more important than the President.

Her ruling was so legally questionable that the D.C. Circuit Court unanimously reversed it. Jackson’s quest to legally obstruct President Trump’s policies didn’t stop there. In 2019, she blocked the Trump administration from speeding up the process of deporting illegal immigrants.

She claimed that “the Department of Homeland Security failed to consider the impact of deportation on the people who illegally entered our country,” she said.

“Jackson even worked as a lawyer for terrorists imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay during the 2000s. At one point, she represented a Taliban intelligence official who was determined to be a likely leader of a terrorist cell. While Jackson claims she defended these clients simply as part of her job, her defense of these enemies of our country has been described as “zealous” –  and it continued once she entered private practice,” the chairwoman said.

The judge donated to, and worked for, the campaign of former President Obama. She donated $1,000 to Hillary Clinton, showing that she is not an unbiased arbiter.

“Then there’s her stance on abortion. In 2001, she filed an amicus brief alongside the radical pro-abortion group NARAL that targeted the free speech rights of pro-life Americans,” she said.

She is a terrible choice but the RINOs will undoubtedly vote for her. Paul Ryan already praised her.

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