Roger Stone Announces Who Dems Will Nominate for President


Political strategist Roger Stone spoke at the Turning Point USA conference and told the crowd who he thought the Democrat Party nominee would be in 2024, and it’s not Joe Biden.

He predicted former First Lady Michelle Obama will be the Democratic Party’s nominee in 2024 and Joe Biden will step down.

She’s one of my top picks, also. If Joe Biden can get 81 million votes, she can get far more, probably without cheating.

Stone was an advisor to former President Richard Nixon. He said that after President Biden’s resignation, the position would briefly fall on Vice President Kamala Harris. Democrats will then push her aside with “another woman of color.”

“Joe Biden will not be the nominee of the Democratic Party in 2024. Kamala Harris will briefly become president, but the only way in their party can replace a woman of color is with another woman of color. And yes, you heard it here first: the Democratic nominee for president will be Michelle Obama,” said Stone.

Stone added that recent changes to the Democratic Party’s nominating process are more likely to favor a woman of color like Michelle Obama.

“They already rigged their primaries. The reason that they have canceled the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary is to put [first] South Carolina. In this state, the majority of the Democratic primary voters are African-Americans.”

Stone thinks Newsom will be the vice presidential pick, but the Obamas will shake him down for a lot of money.

“They will allow Gavin Newsom to purchase the vice presidential nomination, but the Obamas will hold him up for $600 to $800 million to do so,” Stone predicted.

People in both parties have no interest in Biden running again. He’s a disaster. The Obamas can’t chance another Trump presidency or any Republican presidency. They want to complete the transformation of the country.

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