Tucker Carlson’s Twitter Show Scores a 7-Figure Ad Deal


Tucker Carlson’s Twitter show just scored a seven-figure ad deal. Carlson is looking to use his new program to lure conservative-friendly advertisers eager for a bigger platform.

According to a report from CNBC, sources familiar with the matter revealed that Carlson has entered into a lucrative advertising agreement with Public Square. It’s a shopping app that positions itself as a platform for conservative individuals to challenge “environmental, social, and governance policies.”

Since Fox took Tucker off the air, he’s been posting monologues on Twitter, along with an interview with criminally-charged podcaster Andrew Tate. They have achieved impressive numbers in the tens of millions of viewers.

Numbers have varied, with his first and third Twitter episodes landing the highest number of viewers. The most recent with Tate came in at 92.6 million views.

Ep1. 120.4 Million views

Ep 2. 61M

Ep 3. 104.6M

Ep 4. 32.8M

Ep 5. 17.8M

Ep 6. 32.7M

Ep 7. 16.4M

Ep.8. 89.9M

Ep 9. 92.6M

Fox could only dream of those numbers.

It’s Tucker’s first advertiser. He told CNBC’s sources that it’s the “starting point” for conservatives to battle environmental, social, and governance policies.

Fox News Corp. sent a “Cease and Desist” letter, stating that Tucker is still under contract to Fox. His lawyer responded – “Tucker will not be silenced by anyone.”

Tucker is planning a vast media empire.

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