Roger Stone Tells Breitbart Michelle Obama Will Replace Biden


Political strategist Roger Stone told Breitbart News he believes Democrats will replace President Joe Biden with Michelle Obama.

That would be appropriate since it would give Barack his fourth term; it would be enough to turn the USA into a communist nation.

Barack is a communist. He is the one who set the stage. He was raised by communists, mentored by revolutionary communist Franklin Marshal Davis, only hung around with Marxist professors, and went to the church of a Liberation Theologist.

If Michelle wins, does that mean she will be proud of her country for a second time?

After being asked if he thinks Biden will drop out of the 2024 presidential race, Stone replied, “If you went to the Turning Point event in Palm Beach — which was a great event — I predicted in my remarks that shortly before the convention, the Democrats would recognize that Joe Biden is just not capable of getting through another campaign.”

“If anything, things are worse now than they were then,” he said, adding that Biden is “noncompos mentis.”

“It’s quite obvious,” Stone continued. “The epic corruption of his family — including his son, his brother, and others — has now manifested. Everyone can see it.”


Stone said, “The chances are greater than they have ever been before that Joe Biden will be replaced — that shortly before the convention, he will announce his decision, not to resign, but to not run again.”

“He will throw it open to the convention,” Stone said. “And I still believe the convention will draft Michelle Obama.”

“Now, I haven’t said Michelle Obama is running for president or wants to run for president,” Stone clarified. “But I think the Democrats may persuade her that she could be their last best chance to stop Donald Trump’s return to the White House.”

She is the logical choice to save communism in America. It will be the end of liberty. She is very anti-Bill of Rights. She is also a nightmare.

There wouldn’t be time to question her goals and motives.

Look, Democrats arranged for the earliest debate in our history. Why? Because it gives them time to prepare for Uncle Joe’s replacement.

Stone is a good strategist and good at predictions. Republicans need to prepare. The Democrat convention is in August, and Donald Trump will be a convicted felon. Hopefully, Stone is wrong.

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