Ron Paul Thinks We’re Reaching the Point of the Black Swan


Tucker began an interview with Ron Paul by saying Ukraine was not an effort to bring freedom to the Ukrainians but was actually a massive Intel operation designed to draw the United States into war with Russia for reasons that are even now not clear. Who could have seen that? Well, actually, one person did see that ten years ago, and that person was Ron Paul, but don’t take our word for it. Here he is in 2014,” Tucker said.

“I speak more from the perspective of the United States taxpayers,” Paul said, “and it doesn’t serve our interests. We’ve already spent $5 billion over the last ten years trying to pick and choose the leadership of Ukraine.

“And then we participated in the overthrow of the Yanukovych government. And this is when this recent stuff really stirred up. But we’ve been involved too much.

“And I take a noninterventionist foreign policy position. It’s not our business. It doesn’t serve anybody’s interests. It’s part of the same thing that led us into the disaster in the Middle East.

“So a lot of people die, and a lot of money is spent, and we’re still suffering the consequences of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. And there’s the threat of the war in Syria. We don’t need another threat.

“The American taxpayers don’t want it, and our government thinks they can get away with it where… . I know the people don’t want a war yet, but we’re going to play games, and we’re going to threaten Russia. We’re going to put on sanctions, and they fail to recognize that we have $500 billion of investments in Russia. Russia has $450 billion invested in the West. And all we’re doing is trying to stir up more trouble.

“Makes no sense whatsoever. So it makes a lot of sense for us to mind our own business and let somebody over there solve their own problems.”

Tucker wanted to know how he knew. Tucker thinks it’s tied to the fact that his principles hadn’t changed in 60 years.

“The people running the operation give you an idea,” Paul said, “like Victoria Nuland, the worst kind of warmonger. If you go back and look at the Progressive movement at the beginning of the last century, you can get a hint. Paul said he also looks at “who benefits from the bombs being dropped?”

Dr. Paul said there are a lot of bad professors, but he thinks he’d rather talk with curious young people. They give him hope.

“A lot of bad professors. So, I’m very impressed with young people, who have a more open mind… .I’d much rather talk to young people who are curious, than the people who belong to the Chamber of Commerce.

“I agree with the Chamber of Commerce,” Paul said about one quote. “People civilize in the lobby.”

Ron Paul explained that he learned a lot from reading, and read he did, “Leonard Reed, the Foundation for Economic Education. … and, “of course, the Mises Institute. Yes, and I was part of that.”

“The ideas are most important. Thomas Jefferson knew exactly what he was talking about, but we don’t have any Thomas Jeffersons anymore,” Paul said.

“His [Jefferson’s] whole goal in politics was to spread the message of liberty.”

Paul joked that he survived Washington, which is so bad, by never becoming an optimist.

He said the debt can be liquidated by the market. They are inflating their way out of debt. The system is embedded in bankruptcy and corruption. We have to resign ourselves to the fact that we’ll never replace all these people in Congress.

He emphasized spreading ideas, and they are powerful. Spiritually, he follows a non-aggression policy.

“Well, now we have World War III on our doorstep. And every day we try to start another fight with Russia. And there we go, on and on. So it’s not going to be stopped that way. I think it has to be stopped by people changing their minds. And I think the founders are on the right track.

“I see something encouraging right now about, you know, the sprouting up of independent statehood. You know, the talk of going on their own. And the founders were pretty good at devising this because, for instance, well, you know, we could still move from one state to another. Yeah, somebody might even want to just leave that place out west and come to Florida or something like that.”

Paul emphasized how simple his philosophy is. “Don’t hurt people, don’t kill people, don’t steal from people,” Paul said. People are starving for the truth.

“Give people hope,” he says, and that’s when he talked about monetary policy. “Don’t be a counterfeiter!” [Quantified Easing] It’s a vicious tax on the poor and middle class, and they use the money any way they want. They give it to illegal aliens.

They could improve things, but they would have to cut. They’re not going to do it.

People trusted the dollar, but we are reaching the point of the Black Swan.

He said he sees gold as a guard against inflation, but the 1st Amendment is more important. If we can’t speak the truth, nothing will change.

They can restore the dollar, but they have to liquidate the debt. Otherwise, there will be much more inflation.

“The most important price is the interest rate.” It tells investors what to do.

Tucker: Why do some of the rich people become bums so nicely?

Ron Paul: But I think it’s because they don’t have a belief in a higher spirit. …but spiritually, everybody can have a spiritual life. And I don’t think denialists can get rid of their spirituality. …they become the sort of the substitute, and they know what’s best for everybody.”

“You have to have hope.” That’s the most important thing. “Don’t use force” – non-aggression.

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