Roosevelt’s Majestic Statue Exiled to ND by NY Commies, Jefferson’s Gone Too


The beautiful Theodore Roosevelt statue that stood majestically outside the Museum of Natural History has been removed and sent to North Dakota to be displayed at the new Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library never to be seen again.

But he’s not a confederate, you say? That’s right. The goal was never to limit it to the Civil War history, a war which was caused by Democrats, but to erase all of our history so we are ready for the next phase, the Dear Leader statues.

The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation, which is set to open in 2026, said in a statement that “it has entered into an agreement with the City of New York for the long-term loan and reconsideration of the Equestrian Statue designed by James Earle Fraser.”

Democrats say it symbolizes colonial subjugation and racial discrimination. That’s absurd but we are all America-hating communists now as Democrats rewrite our history, only caring about whatever hyperbolic negative in US history they can dredge up. All the good we have done is ignored.

Media claims that the statue of Roosevelt on horseback, flanked by an African man and a Native American man has long been criticized, which is not true. Complaints are  mostly recent as communists gained control over the Democrat Party and the media.

Thomas Jefferson Is In a Box Somewhere

They just removed Thomas Jefferson from City Hall and we don’t know where he will be buried or exiled to yet.

Minority leader Joe Borelli (R-Staten Island) called the move an attempt to “sideline history” while Black, Latino and Asian Caucus co-chair I. Daneek Miller (D-Queens) said he wanted the statue gone because it doesn’t represent contemporary values.

Thomas Jefferson gave us the Declaration of Independence and that apparently doesn’t represent contemporary values.

Americans better hope for a miracle — either the Democrat Party does an about-face or implodes from its own corruption.

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