Thanksgiving Is for Deprogramming Conservatives or Reporting Them to the FBI, Says Molly J-Fast


Molly Jong Fast, writing for The Atlantic, doesn’t agree that Thanksgiving is a time for being with family and ignoring differences like those of the crazies who believe in QAnon or that the election was stolen. She thinks the horrible ‘Hallmark’ moment is for deprogramming them or maybe even reporting them to the FBI.

Molly is no one to stereotype people from her elitist seat in the world of fake politics. She has her own bad attributes. As one example, she knew that one of The Lincoln Project radicals was a pedophile and she kept it secret for years.

Her ideas are always to the furthest left. She’s no one to talk about ‘crazy’ ideas. People have to tolerate her too.

Fast suggests advice for readers on how to “deprogram” their conservative relatives. Conservative family members are “creepy,” says Molly.

Molly hates the idea of Thanksgiving and has no clue as to the meaning of the day.

“For most of us a five-hour meal with relatives you see once a year is no one’s idea of a great time. Have you ever thought, This is the gauzy Hallmark-movie fantasy I’ve always longed for?” Molly asks.

“Spending a holiday sitting around, pretending your crazy relatives aren’t crazy, is one of America’s time-honored traditions. In normal times, you could be the dog in the house-fire meme declaring, “This is fine” while taking a sip of doggy coffee, but we are not in normal times.”

She refers to “weird” uncles and cousins throughout the piece, and sees Thanksgiving as a time to deprogram them.

“This is your chance to deprogram them. Facebook knows its algorithm radicalizes users. This is your chance to tell your aunt that maybe the news she gets from it isn’t all that reliable. And that maybe the MAGA news network is not giving her unbiased news,” she writes.

Instead of peace and harmony, she thinks Thanksgiving should be a time to tell “creepy uncle” to get the vaccine.

“I’m here to tell you Thanksgiving is terrible, and if you at least spend the time trying to deprogram your niece, you won’t be bored or depressed (though you might be enraged that Fox News or Infowars has convinced her Trump can “save America” from Joe Biden’s radical agenda of giving people hearing aids and free pre-K).

“Especially when it comes to vaccines,” she continues. “You could literally save your creepy uncle’s life.”

If she has an unvaccinated uncle, it’s doubtful he will ever speak to her after this.


She concludes the “maybe you’ll need to report a relative to the FBI,” because that’s what such “normal, not weird or creepy”  people like her think Thanskgiving is for.

“Maybe it won’t work. Maybe you’ll leave Thanksgiving dinner as divided as you were when you sat down at the table five hours and 4,000 calories ago. Or maybe you’ll plant the seed, sow just a little doubt about whatever Tucker Carlson is saying now. Maybe you’ll even change a heart or a mind. Maybe you’ll bring the temperature down just a tiny bit. Or maybe you’ll need to report a relative to the FBI,” she added.

My Thanksgiving wish is that no conservatives spent time with Molly, the opinionated elitist who thinks she knows it all.

It’s highly unlikely the prolific angry far-left writer, daughter of novelists Erica Jong and John Fast, has a conservative relative, certainly not one who would dine with her. She needn’t worry her little head about what the rest of us do.

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