Rosa Koire Predicted the Future Under The Great Reset


When I first started blogging in 2011, I was intrigued by a woman named Rosa Koire, who was a San Francisco real estate appraiser with a concentration in Eminent Domain. She foresaw all that is happening to us now under the guise of climate change.

This is a short version of the workshop below:

When I first heard her speak in 2011, UN Agenda 30 was UN Agenda 21, and people thought it was a good thing. However, in her position in San Francisco, she was very involved in property rights, and she saw that people were losing them. Planning departments were taking away their rights. It was all part of an authoritarian ideology called Agenda 21.

She couldn’t have been more different than I am. Rosa was a gay liberal Democrat who believed almost everything the Democrats stood for. There was one difference: she was a constitutionalist and fought for freedom. I was in touch with her several times and realized that everything she said would come true, and it has. It’s amazing how accurate her predictions were.

She did not believe that any authority was a gatekeeper meant to stop people from using their property. Yet, this was part of Agenda 21, which is a global takeover. Under the guise of sustainable development, the UN planned a new world order for the next century.

She saw Agenda 21, now Agenda 30, as the biggest public relations scam in the history of the world, and it’s more than a takeover. The plan justifies and enables the breakdown of our economy. It’s the redesign of your cities and your towns. They plan to put us all in cities. It’s the loss of our industry, agriculture, and food independence; ultimately, it’s the loss of our sovereignty as a free nation. That’s the plan. This is the goal. It’s social engineering. It’s what Ms. Koire called the new poverty.

It’s a philosophy that says, “you’re cool if you do without, if you live without, if you’re giving it up…”

She said the National Defense Authorization Act is part of Agenda 21/Agenda 30. The reauthorization makes Americans “enemy combatants” right here in the country, right here in the homeland. It designates the world as a battlefield and gives the government the right to detain and murder United States citizens. They can hold you without trial.

“We are talking about our freedom as Americans, and this is the biggest thing we’ll ever do in our lives –  defend our country and our Constitution, so you know. …It’s not a conspiracy theory; it’s a conspiracy fact, and you know it, and the green mask, as I call it, is off,” she says in the clip below.

She spent the workshop explaining how to recognize the movement. It is enlightening.

Rosa called it communitarianism and explained how it develops incrementally until you find you are no longer free. Ms. Koire also went into the climate change – global warming mantra. She explains that they believe cars, meat-eating, and middle-class lifestyles are a threat to the planet.

The Agenda plans to ensure no one has more than anyone else, and they control your entire life.

Watch this video from 2012:

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