Rosie chats with Howard Stern about her visit with Michael Cohen


Rosie O’Donnell told Howard Stern that she visited Michael Cohen in prison, and said, “He looks good. He looks thin. He looks fit. He looks rested.” Great. [We wish him no harm but don’t care to hear his name, but here he is again.]

Often-unhinged Rosie O’Donnell, a very far-left celebrity, met with Michael Cohen. Now, why would she meet with him other than to try and get some dirt on the President?

Cohen apologized to Rosie for helping President Trump ‘attack’ her during the years. [In actuality, President Trump didn’t start it, he defended himself.]

Talking on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, O’Donnell said she wrote a letter to Cohen the night Trump was impeached in the House that said she could not help but think he was “paying for what this man did.” Cohen, who in 2018 received three years in prison for a series of tax fraud and lying charges, wrote back, she said.

“And so we became pen pals,” O’Donnell told Stern. “And then I went to the prison to visit him. But we got to talk, he and I, and I got to ask him every question I had. I was there for six and a half hours, sitting with him, talking to him.” She noted she visited him before the coronavirus outbreak.

O’Donnell added, “He is so remorseful and so upset with himself for not listening to what his wife and children were saying to him for years.”

“Michael ran that show for 15 years,” O’Donnell noted. “He was the fixer. He was the thug.”

It’s all Trump’s fault and nothing is his fault — that’s who Michael Cohen is. Meanwhile, the only one who committed crimes was Michael Cohen. All the tapes he had indicted him, not the President.

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