RT TV Mocks US for Choosing Woman “Hooked on Drugs” Over Marine Hero


Russian TV (Russia Today) is mocking the US for choosing the female lesbian drug addict over the Marine hero spy. Their words, not ours.

Paul Whelan decorated Marine. He says he wasn’t spying, just on vacation.

The head of Russia Today, Margarita Somonyan, indicated Biden had a choice – the Marine, Paul Whelan or Griner, but the Marine had three problems.

One is white, the second he’s a man, and the third, he’s heterosexual. She then insisted Whelan is a spy and an American hero who has been in prison for years.

They could pick the American Marine hero over the black lesbian hooked on drugs who couldn’t go without her hashish for ten hours and hasn’t served her country.

But is he a hero? Mr. Whelan received a “punitive discharge” from the Marines for attempted larceny and false statements.

They’re happy the terrorist Viktor Bout is back in Russia. Simonya said it says a lot about the state of our society.


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