Rubio explains ridiculous reason Lee & Paul were angry over the briefing.


Yesterday, Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul came out of the briefing about Soleimani’s termination angry, even suggesting they would join Democrats and vote for the War Powers Act.

It was unclear why they were so angry other than they found the meeting with the Secretary of Defense mark Esper, the Director of the CIA Gina Haspel, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, “insulting.” They claimed it was unconstitutional since they couldn’t debate.

Marco Rubio explained that they left the false impression that it was because the information provided didn’t justify the Soleimani strike. That isn’t the case.

The reason is “because administration didn’t offer hypothetical scenario requiring congressional authorization for military action.”

That’s ridiculous. Hypothetical situations should never enter into it. They’re imaginary, and when it comes to defense, the President doesn’t have to consult Congress. He did NOT declare war and de-escalated.

Rubio posted a series of tweets explaining the Revolutionary Guards didn’t intend to kill. However, they like to hide behind their proxies and that’s still a threat.

Lee and Paul are starting to get very annoying. It’s unconstitutional for them to try and take power to defend the United States from the President. That is what Nancy’s various measures intend to do.

He also explained that they are calling the Chairman a “liar.”


Vice President Mike Pence also addressed withholding the most secret information. [How could anyone trust these leakers in Congress?]

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