Rudy Giuliani claims potential massive voting fraud, major lawsuits coming


Rudy Giuliani believes there is potentially massive voting fraud in several cities. There is no proof yet.

President Trump’s personal attorney said that Trump’s team was allowed to observe the ballot counting as the Constitution requires. According to the Democrats in Philadelphia, they could only look from 20 to 30 feet away, making it impossible to see the ballots. It went on for 20 hours.

They went before a Democrat judge, a political hack, who did not find on their behalf.

Philadelphia has a reputation for corruption in fraud, with dead people voting and people from Camden bussed in to vote. This is much worse.

He also discussed the tens of thousands of ballots without the chain of custody in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, and elsewhere.

These mail-in ballots can easily be fraudulent, and the law is supposed to allow both parties to observe to check postmarks, signatures, and so on. Republicans didn’t get to see a single one after about 120,000 ballots went through. This is where Biden is getting 60 to 70% of the vote.

It’s a concerted effort by the big city machines — Democrats.

They are going to bring two lawsuits and possibly one national lawsuit to expose the Democrat Party. Democrats own the media. The Trump administration will fight this corruption and expose it.

Pennsylvania should have been called at 80% with 400,000 votes ahead. We are not fools.


Maybe Joe Biden was serious when he said Democrats had the most extensive voting fraud operation. He has a few screws loose so, he might have slipped.


Georgia is now almost tied with quite a few ballots in Atlanta still out. The Secretary of State, Gabriel Sterling, assured Americans that no one will suppress votes and are taking the legalities very seriously. He sounded very legitimate.

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