Rudy wants you to imagine “idiot” Bernie debating Trump


Rudy Giuliani, the President’s personal lawyer wants you to imagine what it would be like for Trump to debate this “idiot” Bernie Sanders.

Maybe Rudy shouldn’t underestimate this lunatic. Crazy Bernie has no record of success in his 40 years in politics and people don’t like working with him. Yet, his communistic message of free stuff is hitting home with the youth and other far-left Americans. There are more of them than we imagined.

Sanders gets bonked in the head with an idiotic move in this clip linked by Rudy, but his cult followers will find him honest, human, and endearing.

While Bernie has accomplished nothing in 40 years, he did honeymoon in the Soviet Union, behind the Iron Curtain, when Russia was threatening to nuke the USA.

Check out Bernie’s proposals. He’s a nut.


Sanders won the New Hampshire Democratic primary on Tuesday, narrowly beating former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg by fewer than two percentage points after the two appeared to be tied for first place in Iowa last week. Sen. Amy Klobuchar came in with a surprising third-place finish, leaving Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and former Vice President Joe Biden to face the ending of their campaigns.

All of them are far-left, and while Bernie says he’s not a communist, his platform makes the Communist Party USA look fairly reserved.

Nikki Haley found Bernie’s win troubling.

The President said he doesn’t want to run against Bernie because he has real followers, unlike Bloomberg.

Trump told reporters at the White House on Tuesday, “Frankly, I’d rather run against Bloomberg than Bernie Sanders, because Sanders has real followers, whether you like him or not, whether you agree with him or not. I happen to think it’s terrible what he says. But he has followers. Bloomberg’s just buying his way in.”

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