Rush knows he’s ‘under a death sentence’ in an emotional update


Rush Limbaugh has stage 4 lung cancer, and he said on his show today that he knows he is under a death sentence.

When he first got the news, he didn’t think he’d make it to October. The treatments he receives are experimental. His cancer seemed to have stopped its progression in prior scans but the recent scan shows some progression.

He is suffering from a very aggressive, fast-moving cancer.

It’s different “when you have a terminal disease with a time frame to it,” he said.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
3 years ago

Prayers work. Doubling prayers for this iconic, courageous, American patriot. Please do the same.

Vortex to Tralfamadore
Vortex to Tralfamadore
3 years ago

I know he doesn’t like cannabis but Rick Simpson Oil or Phoenix Tears is for real. It is made from cannabis or pot.
Simpson was diagnosed back in 1990 and is still here. A sibling was diagnosed back in 2016 and he is still here.
Didn’t know there was a stage four until reading this.
I don’t go full reefer madness because a drag or puff will help me with gnarly migraines where I can’t even hold down yogurt or water. There is no driving or web surfing and it is calling it a day time when partaking.
Even if it is a placebo or mental I’ll take it.

3 years ago

God bless him,,a true American hero and patriot.