Russia, China Plan a Social Credit – Cashless Currency & Spies Hit the Feds


As senators discover spies in the Federal Reserve System, Russia and China plan a cashless currency based on social credits. This is our worst fear possibly coming true. Not only could it destroy the dollar and the West, but it also creates a Marxist-based currency, similar to ESG. Cashless currencies put tremendous control of the populace in the hands of elites.


Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that Senator Rob Portman warned that China is actively trying to recruit U.S.-based economists to feed information about the federal reserve back to Chinese communist officials. They even placed cooperating sources inside America’s Federal Reserve banking system. One person was stopped on his way to Shanghai and questioned.

At the same time, Russia and China are planning their own financial system after NATO weaponized ours.

Russia and China have confirmed that they are creating a new world reserve currency based on a basket of currencies at BRICS. Countless nations are buying into it.

The new currency system – built out of a controlled collapse – is not only cashless but it appears to be based on social credits. That is terrible for the world. It’s The World Economic Forum’s ESG on steroids. This will rival the US-dominated IMF’s alternative SDR (special drawing rights). With it comes global power, wealth, and influence.

The dollar’s dominance is already eroding as central banks diversify into the Chinese yuan and smaller currencies. It will make our rich nation much poorer.

The Russia-China currency is not exactly a reserve currency. The SDR is based on a basket of currencies made up of the US dollar, the euro, the British pound, Japan’s yen, and China’s yuan.

It sounds like a cashless Great Reset.

This could be far more attractive to the world than the weaponized IMF.

This information about China’s spying came out of a Senate report. Asia has a much greater future just by sheer numbers of the population.

How might that be tied to the spying that concerns Rob Portman?

The report states that an employee provided information on the Fed’s economic modeling. Another employee tried to send large sets of data from the Feds. Yet another kept tabs on arrests of Chinese collaborators, using ‘xijinping’ as his password. One Reserve employee was stopped on his way to China by the Chinese Communists four times, and his family threatened if he didn’t start leaking economic information.

There are 13 people they are concerned about in eight of the reserve’s 12 banks.

Sen. Portman said that the Feds don’t have the capability of keeping track of this level of spying.

The spying could assist Russia and China in their new venture of establishing worldwide competition for the dollar and the SDR. When looking at it from that perspective, it’s even far more concerning.

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