Russia, Russia, Russia Disinformation Scare Is Back


The weaponized media is gearing up for Russian election interference reports in the US and the EU. If you don’t want to give money to keep the Ukraine war going, you’re a Russian puppet.

A New York Times article on the 27th claimed that Russia was amping up an online campaign to interfere in the elections to push for “isolationism” and not fund the Ukraine war.

And so it begins.

CNN reported, “The Russian leader’s leveraging of power and successful forays into US politics is, meanwhile, threatening to cause a schism between the US and European NATO allies that could put the post-World War II security architecture at risk.”

Politico’s headline this past week, “Russian influence scandal rocks EU.” The piece claims, “Senior EU officials and the news media say Russia is spreading disinformation and paying off politicians in Europe to affect the upcoming June elections.”

Our government is pulling the Russia, Russia, Russia scam again. Why single out Russia? Several nations try to influence our elections, but none so badly as our enemies from within.

It’s not just the U.S. using Russia to get what they want. The EU is doing it.

EU Weaponizing Intel Services to Censor Political Enemies

Michael Shellenberger at Public News reported about the latest “scandal,” where Voice of Europe journalists allegedly paid EU Parliament members to spread Russian disinformation. You can read the details here, and a summary follows.

The EU Parliament claims that a vast Russian network was spreading…wait for it…wait…Russian disinformation. “We could see more soon as the operation is underway in Poland …

This confirms what we have suspected: the Kremlin is using dodgy outlets pretending to be media [and] using money to buy covert influence,” said Vera Jourová, who’s been on a “democracy tour” around the EU for the past month, meeting with officials including from intelligence agencies about Russia’s operations in Europe.

Věra Jourová is the censorship Grand Dame of the EU. She is the VP of Values and Transparency for the EU. Doesn’t it sound like one of Iran’s dystopian ministries?

According to Euro News, the EU Parliament is allegedly looking into claims that members were paid off to spread Russian propaganda. Politico and the BBC spread that same story.

The BBC said the Czech Republic had busted up the Russian network and investigated several politicians. The people under investigation all appear to be right-wing—fancy that.

The Czech Prime Minister said they uncovered a pro-Russian network spreading Russian influence and undermining security across Europe.

The means of spreading Russian disinformation is allegedly “Voice of Europe.” The website appears to be gone. The YouTube interviews had 14 likes and nine likes, and so on. In other words, it’s a little nothing. This sounds like the troll farm scam in the US, where some small-time Russian trolls spent $100,000 for Facebook ads in the US, and the Left decided to make a scandal out of it.

The articles claimed that a Czech investigation found a candidate for the EU Parliament from the German AfD party, who has Czech roots, received payment for an interview with the Voice of Europe. The candidate, Petr Byston, adamantly denied it.

Another Czech politician, Cyril Svoboda, was named in the scheme. He had no idea that Voice of Europe was a security threat. He gave them an interview. That’s all. He also insisted he was not paid.

Mind you, none of these articles has any evidence to back up these claims – NONE, NADA, NYET, NOTHING. The EU Parliament let the Voice of Europe in, so the people named and unnamed thought the outlet was cleared.

There is no evidence of bribes. This sounds like an effort to silence people on the right and, in the US, to influence Americans before an election. You can expect the Russia scaremongering to increase up to the election.

It worked before. Why not again? This could all be true, but I don’t think so. What say you?

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